Murano Glass Bracelet - Baète periwinkle

Bracelet made with 6 lampworked Murano glass beads. The spherical beads are manufactured with two different techniques: submerged silver leaf, melted in the bead's core, and avventurine with pieces of silver leaf, again submerged.
Nickel-free metal parts complete this bracelet, shipped in a black box with a guarantee certificate.
The product is handcrafted both in the assembly and in the beads' production, therefore it's not possible to ensure the geometric perfection of the various components, but we emphasise this imperfection as evidence of its authenticity.
Lampworking is a century-old venetian tradition, in which rods made of Murano glass are melted on a flame and poured over a copper stick to create a glass bead, that can be further decorated and shaped by the glass artist. - Miani Nicola - Jewelry - Bracelets - Glass - Reputeka

This product is guaranteed "Made in Italy"
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