A Postcard from Tuscany

A unique gift of Tuscan truffles and tea for those who love the region and its hidden wonders. From its chocolate valley, we sourced the most delicious selection of artisanal truffles, which pair beautifully with the perfect blend of jasmine tea and white tea with chocolate from La Via del Tè. This recipe goes back to Medieval times, when the Medici family used to serve this delicious blend at the end of their banquets.

The box includes:

  • Tuscan Truffles (6.7 oz) - Vestri Cioccolato, Tuscany
  • "Il Segreto dei Medici" Tea (1.76 oz) - La Via del Tè, Tuscany
  • Tea Infuser - La Via del Tè, Tuscany
  • Keepsake Premium Small Box & Handwritten Card

Additional details: FREE SHIPPING IN THE US INCLUDED. Send an email to orders@tastyribbon.com with your gift message and order number. We never include the invoice in the gift.

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