Colour: green, copper, white and iridescent metallic hues
Weight: 315 gr
Retrò bowl, born from the memories of the Calabrian characteristic colours, rich in history and traditions. This article is entirely handmade using Raku technique. It is glazed internally. The artisan signature is engraved on it. It can be used as a decorative object, catch-all, jewelry tray, ashtray, bonbon tray, vase, ornament and so on;
The item shows a slight craquelè effect, typical Raku decoration, unique and unrepeatable.
Small felt pads have been applied to the bottom of the item to avoid surface scratches.
Possible slight imperfections or flaws are to be considered intrinsic feature of the product, expression of its unique and artisanal nature.
The interplay of Water, Earth, Fire and Air elements and human creativity determine the uniqueness and unrepeatability of every single Raku creation. - Ellis - Art - Decorations - Ceramic - Reputeka

This product is guaranteed "Made in Italy"
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