Color: violet and sea-foam white
Weight: 162 gr
The sea-foam bowl takes its name from the final effect of the white color, which recalls the sea-foam.
It is hand made with the Raku technique. Internally glazed.
This item is signed by the artisan, who created it.
It can be used as a decorative object, jewelry holder, ashtray, candy holder, soap dish, etc...
Small felt pads have been applied to the bottom of the item to avoid surface scratches.
Possible small flaws or imperfections have to be considered as intrinsic features of the product, expression of its unique and artisan nature. All the Raku items are unique, which is a necessary condition of this westernized Japanese technique. - Ellis - undefined - undefined - ceramica - Reputeka - Ellis - Homedesign - Garden - Ceramic - Reputeka - Ellis - Homedesign - Furniture - Ceramic - Reputeka

This product is guaranteed "Made in Italy"
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