Wall stoneware plate black 1

Black wall stoneware plate with glazes and gold, fired at high temperature 1280°, set on wooden support so it can be hung. The design, outlined by clean, essential shapes and shiny gold create a refined taste, though opposed, at the same time, to the rough stoneware and processing of glazes. Weight: 2 kg.
This product signed MARC - CERAMIC DESIGN allows you to fill and enhance your spaces and walls, creating completely personalized and original compositions.
Each piece is entirely handmade, in Italy, and therefore unique and unrepeatable; details may vary slightly from piece to piece. - Marc Ceramica Design - Homedesign - Decor optionals - Ceramic - Reputeka - Marc Ceramica Design - Art - Decorations - Ceramic - Reputeka

This product is givenuaranteed "Made in Italy"
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