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Rome-Ciampino Airport "Giovan Battista Pastine"
115 km - 71 miles
Rome-Fiumicino Airport "Leonardo da Vinci"
141 km - 87 miles
Foggia Airport "Gino Lisa"
141 km - 88 miles
Naples-Capodichino Airport "Ugo Niutta"
114 km - 70 miles
Properties of the Holy See
128 km - 79 miles
Historic Centre of Naples
65 km - 40 miles
Royal Palace of Caserta
50 km - 31 miles
Archaeological Areas of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata
85 km - 53 miles

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Country House is a fantastic opportunity to experience not only the country house with all the small and great flavors of simplicity, but also a vision projected towards the modernity of finishes out of the ordinary.
The center was born in the "Valley of the Saints", a pristine place near Cassino.

In this landscape still sparse of tourist and restaurant activities, the idea was born to import from landscapes such as Umbria and Tuscany the idea of Country House, already widespread in many regions and offer maximum relaxation and contact with nature.

The main property is built on three levels, basement in fine rustic style, kitchen and dining area on the first floor and rooms on the first floor, for a total of 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The finishes of these spaces are of excellent craftsmanship quality as well as safety from fixtures to fixtures.
The presence of 4 Austrian wooden lodgings/two-bedrooms, sensitive to the needs of naturist and traditionalist enthusiasts, is fantastic. Truly unique places, surrounded by colorful gardens, to be crossed as if it were in a small village; to illuminate the warm light of beautiful antique-style streetlights cared for in detail.
The current use of the property does not stop at an exclusive use of the rooms and kitchens, but a complete arrangement of recreational activities: mountain bike trails, excursions, trekking and tourist trips to the points of interest of the area, such as the baths of Suio and the abbey of Montecassino.

Exceptional is the presence of a brand new swimming pool as well as an event area, perfectly designed for a design decidedly youthful imprint, console platform and cocktails within reach of umbrella, but at the same time for a familiar, relaxing and relaxing use.

An opportunity for sale that awaits only your interest, an ecstatic starting point for those who want to live to the full relaxation and tradition, giving an expanded image of the landscape and the hottest and traditional concept of Italian house.

Located in the southernmost part of the province of Frosinone, it was born when the monks of the Abbey of Montecassino sent here the settlers for the processing of the countryside. Originally "Villa", the village stood on the right bank of the Garigliano, but due to the continuous Saracen incursions, it developed more upstream and protected.
Archaeological findings testify that the place was already inhabited in a much more remote age, as can be seen from the "written stone" (inscription on stone dedicated to the wife of a warrior who fell in battle).
There he supported the Gustav Line for months and the village was completely razed to the ground. Today it is a laborious agricultural center, rich in sulfuree springs, which knows how to offer the visitor a lot of hospitality and a genuine and typically ciociara cuisine.

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