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We offer for SALE at ARPINO in a central location, a short walk from the old town of Civita Falconara, as well as from the village square, beautiful and charming apartment with beautiful views of the Course.

The apartment is about 140 square meters total, consisting of 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom, entrance hall and living room and is located on the 2nd floor of one of the stately buildings that historically form the urban area, then connected with the main services, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, banks, bus stops and circulars.

A unique feature of the apartment is the view from the bedrooms on the Fountain of the Eagle, symbol of Arpino and even more exceptional the view from the living room on the Arpino Course through its large balconies, from where you can admire events characteristic of the country, first of all the Arpino Gonfalone.

Another feature is the attic/attic area which is a great space to have a good breakfast or dinner with a view of the country's windows. Evaluable option could be the extension of such windows or the arrangement in this space of a small kitchenette, through your best ideas and all the interest of our technicians at your complete disposal.


Arpino is one of the largest medieval cities in the Italian hilly area called Ciociaria, the name given to the fertile land that is located south of Rome but north of Naples, located inland, on the hills in the heart of Italy.

The Ciociaria is easily accessible from both Rome and Naples and their respective airports. A day of shopping in Rome is a common pastime, while an even shorter drive will take you to the lovely beaches south of Rome. Alternatively, you can drive east, and the mountains of Abruzzo National Park await you with horseback trekking in the magnificent beeps, and sparkling mountain lakes and rivers where you can swim in the heat of summer. And at the other end of the temperature, even if Arpino himself is temperate, less than an hour's drive takes you to the winter ski slopes.

Often overlooked, by both tourists and foreigners looking for an Italian home, in favor of the more publicized regions of Tuscany and Umbria, the Ciociaria remains largely a pristine gem, with beautiful landscapes and medieval cities atop the hills. A house or a second house in Ciociaria, in the hilly villages of Arpino, Veroli, Alatri or in the gentle countryside that surround them, it will offer a scenario where over two thousand years of history combine with an idyllic Italian rural lifestyle, where you can still discover the "real" Italy and take time off from the crowded crowds of large tourist cities, while finding you less than ninety minutes of travel from the center of Rome or one of the two airports of Rome.

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