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Civitavecchia, the highest point of Arpino, dates back to the pre-Roman era and is an archaeological site classified with striking views. The megalithic walls surrounding it and its high-pitched front door were originally built by the Volscians about seven to eight centuries BC Continuously occupied since then - about twenty-eight centuries - Civitavecchia is now guarded by a medieval tower, which watches over its quiet cobbled streets and ancient stone churches. A private church still owned by the Fish family, which commissioned its construction several hundred years ago, is located at the entrance through the city's stone walls.

Despite being a protected archaeological site, Civitavecchia is still a small thriving community, inhabited all year round with every very old and well-preserved stone house. In summer, flowers and window boxes abound. Residents can drive along the cobblestone main road that runs through the small hamlet and park outside their homes, but since no other traffic is allowed, there's a fascinating feeling of tranquility.

Casa Bettina is an old stone house of 130 square meters. located in the heart of Civitavecchia. With 6 compartments on 2 levels, despite being technically habitable, the property needs complete modernization. There is also an unreso borrowed stone cellar (above-ground cellar).

Energy rating: G


Arpino is one of the largest medieval cities in the Italian hilly area called Ciociaria, the name given to the fertile land that is located south of Rome but north of Naples, located inland, on the hills in the heart of Italy.

The Ciociaria is easily accessible from both Rome and Naples and their respective airports. A day of shopping in Rome is a common pastime, while an even shorter drive will take you to the lovely beaches south of Rome. Alternatively, you can drive east, and the mountains of Abruzzo National Park await you with horseback trekking in the magnificent beeps, and sparkling mountain lakes and rivers where you can swim in the heat of summer. And at the other end of the temperature, even if Arpino himself is temperate, less than an hour's drive takes you to the winter ski slopes.

Often overlooked, by both tourists and foreigners looking for an Italian home, in favor of the more publicized regions of Tuscany and Umbria, the Ciociaria remains largely a pristine gem, with beautiful landscapes and medieval cities atop the hills. A house or a second home in Ciociaria, in the hilly villages of Arpino, Veroli, Alatri or in the sweet countryside that surrounds them, will offer you a scenario where over two thousand years of history combine with an idyllic Italian rural lifestyle, where you can still discover the "real" Italy and take time off from the crowded crowds of large tourist cities , while you are less than a ninety-minute journey from the centre of Rome or one of Rome's two airports.

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