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Apartment for sale in Supino
Located in the beautiful setting of the old town, a short walk from the church of S.Cataldo, apartment for sale of 270 square meters with attached cellars.
Arranged on 2 levels, this historic apartment fully renovated in 1620 building, is as follows:
Double entrance access, one on civic 71 of Via Roma "independent", and one very characteristic on Via IV November 34 in the beautiful stairwell shared with other apartment; The 1st floor consists of an elegant lounge with coffered ceiling, where there is also the front door from the condominium stairwell, a double room always with a coffered ceiling equipped with a bathroom in the room and balcony with lovely panoramic views; another bed is present in the apartment that in addition to the ceiling in drawers preserves an ancient sink closed by a wooden door; There is a large and comfortable fireplace in the kitchen; the master bathroom, also with coffered ceiling, is equipped with shower stalls;
This beautiful historic apartment for sale in Supino, has a habitable attic floor and has been renovated, it is reached with a comfortable and large staircase covered in wood, there are two large rooms of 60 square meters c.a. cadauno with ceiling in beautiful exposed wood; one of the two compartments has been finished, in one wall there is a living stone and the flooring is made of antique terracotta, while the other compartment is to be refined.
The apartment for sale in Supino is equipped with beautiful cellars below, which allow access to the housing unit even directly from the comfortable free parking of Via IV November, these cellars have remained in an ancient state of preservation; another winery is little away from the property, via Costa Stella 60.
This apartment for sale in Supino enjoys wonderful panoramic views, and is adjacent to large and comfortable free parking.
The sale price is 125,000.00 euros
For information and/or appointments : 39 3493400492 - To speak English 003348094290

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