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i read this report and thought its worth letting others see.. to be honest its only likely to happen in spain because of the scale of the expat numbers.. but you do see it here too in smaller ways .. saw it in devon and suffolk with incomers..

Sat, 05/21/2011 - 05:19

on the old forum there was a long debate over the rubbish dump in Bussi ..

Wed, 05/11/2011 - 05:25

looking into residency once more where certain requirements are more than clear even for EU citizens and there are a wealth of laws and forms to fill in even for those of you that think you can just travel to your home here whenever you like and t

Tue, 03/29/2011 - 06:51

yesterday morning driving to Teramo it seemed like the world had dumped an awful lot of rain.. then started looking at the news..

Thu, 03/03/2011 - 04:03

overseas agents fraud this is not an italian related story but easily could be...

Wed, 02/16/2011 - 04:13

heres quite a simplistic video from you tube regarding houses and the types of property that are secure its a thing i used to go on about a lot.. this explains better than most words..

Tue, 02/15/2011 - 06:11

not sure if the link will work..

Tue, 02/15/2011 - 04:50

Another old but new law has passed its date of compliance and to be honest its having an effect already the whole of Italy has been mapped from above and the photographed properties have been or are being compared against their catastal registrati

Wed, 01/26/2011 - 06:20

the other day Brunetta, the minister of public administrtaion spent an hour or so telling us all about the new laws that are now active from yesterday regarding how citizens and business will have new and improved access    its all based around 2

Wed, 01/26/2011 - 06:00

on the news and in the papers today a report from the lega ambiente and the civil protection group..ok...

Wed, 12/09/2009 - 17:22

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Thu, 05/12/2011 - 06:21

Penny it very much depends on how the architect is qualified.. and the ability to do the tech specs on the building either a geometra qaulified to a higher level or an engineer will need to do that sort of stress and load ... steel and cement  quality..each load of cement in a structural area has to be certified via the factory and mixed to the specs.. and certified at that spec.. so architects might well not have the ability or knowledge to do this..  steel has to have not only the right size but has to be checked by sonic measurements and certified.. so an architects office would or maybe even should have its own engineers and geometras to do this sort of spec work in house at no extra charge.. they will often be students anyway.. or waiting to start their own office.. another extra that is used more often than not and is charge on is the geologist.. Italy has more problems with sub soil than earthquakes and a geologist will ensure that the correct foundation work is placed.. which might well invole bore holes and taking core samples.. in fact this can ofte add a large cost to a project especialley buildings on virgin land.. ie those that buy a hectare or two to build a house..  without detailed sub soil knowledge the cement piles that are put into maintain the structure can work out to be one of the highest unknown additioanl costs of a new build..  

Wed, 05/11/2011 - 06:00

in a normal world.. well at least a normal country i would agree with gala.. however the truth is her e that an Italian architect will more ofetn than not be pretty useless.. and will have only passed their exam via the fact that they were reccomended to pass because of in general a relative being involved in the "caste" in fact a geometra because its available to anyone with ambition to try and achieve this qualification offers a much better chance to those looking for someone with vison and a desire to work well... architect courses cost a fortune and are available to a very limited starta of people and to set up a practice limited again by a caste system that anyone that lives in Italy knows to exist and the results of it can be seen in all the professions with in general people with such watred down ability to make Italy pretty useless on all reults regarding levels of education and qualification, economic performance and management... if the whole world sees this..outside of the italian caste system it obviously leads to the conclusion that in 9 times out of 10 it will apply to who we use.. italian education at a higher level is now regarded as useless in professional terms.. innovative architecture.. well look around and ask yourself.. other countries you might not like what you see but for sure it might give you cause to think ..  italian corruption makes it reted lower than most african countries not just european.. and this is based on the corruption of the proffesional caste... so yes in another world if you can afford it a good architect would be a preferered choice.. here i would choose the cheapest option and just work harder to make sure i got what i want by the end of it...   with fees dont forget a quote of an architect fee of 10 % on a 500,000 property arrives at 50,000then you have to add in 20 % vat on top plus their professional body fee that suddenly pops of between 1 and 3 %..  then they always have 25 % contingency.. so i would be looking to add 25,000 to their bill.. and should you argue with them and remove them from the job... at any time after you sign the contract they are protected in the sense that you will have to pay them their full bill for the whole project before they will release the project back to you.. ie you cannot get rid of them and carry on the build until they vist the comune and have their name withdrawn from the contract and permits.. you will be blocked.. its how it all works.. they look after and protect eachothers fortunes amongst themselves.. so think carefully and choose the simplest solution available...

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 04:42

i do not believe you have to live in Italy for the six months the reallity is that you have to be able to live there long enough for the vist from the comune to be assured that you are actually living there on that day and thats the end of the checking.. resident or not if you own a property here you have to pay tax and are part of the italian tax system.. benefits of residency include the prima casa reduction on purchase but means as well that if you sell before five yeras there are implications regarding repaying the tax difference and i would presume ICI might be involved..  the right to healthcare .. via the Italian system, reduced vat on the cost of your restoration... cheaper services.. an accountant will explain it better i am sure but your residency is not in one sense a fiscal change of your domicile and to be honest if you wish to you can move residency as and when you arrive and leave..if its a worry.. italians with second homes and generally in retiremnet that spend their lives in two properties move their residency all the time backwards and forwards.. which then has implications re things like tarsu.. the rubbish tax.. ie if you are not occupying the house it should be cheaper .. so to my mind its a good thing to obtain straight away .. and then forget it almost.. hand over your yearly tax decleration that you make to an italian bookeeper.. and i would think if you pay tax in the UK it will not be double taxed here .. and it will be relatively simple to be sorted.. however am willing to be told differentley by someone that has got stuck by a six month rule which to be honest i have never heard of..

Thu, 04/28/2011 - 05:43

to my mind if you carry out any work in a building sense then the work as done will then have the latest permits and requirements which can be added to your house file..obviously if shnging a room from a non habitable state to habitable this will be signed off at the end with all latest regs instituted in the work and basically by it being signed off it will mean that it has met all permit requirements.. what no-one can account for and its also making life more difficult for those that approach house buying here with past thoughts of cash deals and false declerations is that a knowledge of Italian property law is maybe less necessary now than ever because it is getting harder for notaries to let acts go throuh that are not meeting all legal requirements.. in a sense not because they are any bettre or more honest.. far from it.. in my opinion.. (very low).. its just the fact that there is little in reallity no profit in it for them if things are not done properly.. the process has been tightened up and should they allow through a slae without it being correctley written up in terms of normal things like the ability to live in it because its a registered legal A type property they will be in trouble.. for no recompense under the table.. i did read and for now i cannot find the article but i recall somethings like 2 millions homes in one of the southern regions not being registered as homes ..  which means a huge loss of icome for the comunes there.. i rave on about federal fiscal legislation and the new laws.. often shot down because everyone said it would not happen whereas in fact even before the law was passed a while back comunes in the central north were already gearing up to the new legislation and the opportunity for income to the local coffers.. its an exceedingly simple and effective way of tax collecting in a country with huge problems of tax levels due to the avoidance percentages.. comunes collect tax based on the amount of habitable space allocated in a property.. in the past people lived in property declared as fram building because they were taking advantage of a law that allowed people with land to live on it and farm it without having to pay taxation.. now they can still do this but they have to prove that they are in truth farmers and that the property even though still regarded as being inhabited by someone that does not have to contribute has the right to live there in that status.. so the whole of italy was photographed and all property mapped and then compared with the paer maps in the catsatso and each sale fronts up any discrepancies resulting in the fact that from the digital images all paper plans have to correspond and any acts are based on new digital records and the notray will not allow an act through should they not because basically he knows when he resiters it that it will be turned back then by the provincial records office.. and that will get him/ her into trouble.. if a place s declared habitable today it will be habitable tomorrow.. but garages with front doors and settees will find their life shortened as who will agree to pay for the fact that they exist in terms of value for a seller at 1000 euro when in reallity their value can only be assigned at maybe a quarter of that and each yer they are left unregistered it will add to a cost as eventually people will not take on the risk and the work of making it right as the required levels of permits go up in a world where energy efficinecy becomes one of the major costs of restoration reconstruction work...

Wed, 04/27/2011 - 06:23

Le nuove “attenzioni” degli enti locali – Peraltro oggi è sempre più difficile che un notaio acconsenta a fare un atto senza tutte le certificazioni, anche se le parti sono d’accordo. Le Regioni, infatti, in molti casi vietano la registrazione dell’atto se le certificazioni mancano. i Comuni da parte loro, anche a causa delle difficoltà economiche, sono molto più attenti al fenomeno dell’abusivismo edilizio, dato che la mancata certificazione spesso e volentieri equivale ad un’evasione degli oneri di concessione edilizia. Per questo motivo sono anche aumentati i controlli in caso di ristrutturazioni in corso, con l’impossibilità a procedere se l’immobile non è completamente in regola. i think you were wise to insist.. laws are being tightened all the time and as time moves on those that do not conform to this simple piece of legislation will be more and more difficult to put right.. even now with new buidling regulations as regards thermal and insulation properties everything not done yesterday will maybe have to conform to tomorrows standards.. i read so many times or hear of people doing work themselves with no clue ..and toady when they think of selling the property has to be put right.. putting it right after the act will cost you more or result in changes having to be removed.. this can extend from having to replace non registered double glazing..if the kite mark has not been approved by the italian building regulation body to walls without correct air gaps and or width.. comunes earn from rated habitable areas in a building.. those not to norm if seen to be used diffrentley to the purpose they are listed at will eventually all be made to conform.. you had the foresight to sort this out and have your changes registered..wise move..

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 07:00

elliven ..good advice but who on earth would want to cover them.. the idea of tufo is its natural and pretty ..and good to look at...

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 05:23

the French as far as i can work out blocked the border to stop the Italian protesters from the social centres..  they had organised a protest to support free movement.. however unlike Italy that accepts that private property and people will get hurt when these activists go into action the French decided to let the Italian protesters remain in Italy and make their protest their.. can you imagine what the reports would have been if an italian had been injured by the less than polite CRS who would most probably have smashed a few heads.. and if not there are usually self inflicted wounds that are shown to the tv and newspapers.. Italy accepts this way of things... and in general the magistrates let them all out without charge whatever is done.. and everything quitens down.. re immigrants.. its really nothing much to do with them.. the numbers are very low... 25-30 thousand..its to do with upcoming administrtive electionbs and the fact that Italians do not want to go the route of other european countries that have diluted their culture so much that they have none of thier own left...  much as Italians are ready to help people they are not ready to cede their life and their way of life to alternate ideas.. and as someone that moved here for the Italian way of life as much as anything i am happy with that.. anyway an agreement has been signed with Tunisa now to stop the boat loads..its cheaper to pay them to keep the people in camps than to have them here.. and once again this is a result of a political problem and the chance for tunisia to make some money... they knew italy paid libya to keep people there and they saw an opportunity for income and help from Italy... so were quite happy to let many sub saharan peoples jump into boats and make their way here.. to blackmail italy into supporting them with money... so all in all its to my mind sadlylittle to do with any human rights.. and humanity from anyone.. including the catholic church or the regions which when asked to help were pretty loathe to do so in a time where italian electors are gettin near to voting locally.. i have no answer to what is a problem that the world has created in its greed for cheap labor and oil... i do not want Italy to change or france for that matter because the diffrences are what makes europe

Answer to: house build
Mon, 04/11/2011 - 03:58

i believe the Italian legal system is overwhelmed and you will find that long delays are the order of the day.. i think changing anything here is generally not wise and as you reflect costly.. i think if you have something underway its better to give it some time..  although average duration of litigations here is better not quoted as it would depress you.. you seem to be doing waht can be done and there is no advice to give beyond keeping as much pressure on as poss without spending too much..  

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 04:03

i still find it strange that their web site has gone.. and for sure there are some very strong rumours out there about their activty..  or lack of it.. would love to hear whats happening with them

Answer to: Renting
Fri, 04/01/2011 - 06:20

i think it might well be 30 now..but there is a difference between being allowed not to pay tax because its filled in as non taxable income and not paying tax because you think you do not have to.. i think the thinking is you declare income and then explain why you do not pay tax.. which benefit you might loose if total income or some other income is then added.. thats why you have accountants.. well someone knowledgeable to do your form filling.. actually 30 days and under you might not need a registered contract..above 30 days you register a contract..but to be honest keeping up with rule changes is hard if you dont get notifications ... so again thats what accountants are for..  they keep you out of trouble..