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Hello allWonder if someone might be able to help?i have a petrol Honda lawnmower at my house in Force, AP, Marche. The self drive seems to have broken (important as we have a lot of grass!).

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 15:39

Hello everyoneI'm wondering if you might be able to help? I have a rural stone farmhouse which was renovated nearly ten years ago. Our property is surrounded by farmed land (often sunflowers), and we have our own gardens and swimming pool.

Fri, 08/09/2013 - 12:18

I bought a derelict farmhouse in Marche several years ago. It was renovated with the services of an architect, and I obtained a certificato di agibilita when the renovation was complete. Just one thing - I seem to be missing my house number.

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 18:32

HelloI'm going to be able to spend one night in Ascoli Piceno during the next week or so. I would like to know if Halloween is a particularly special event celebrated in Italy, and Ascoli in particular?

Sun, 10/21/2012 - 16:56

HelloOur house needs a new boiler for central heating (LPG). We would like to be able to have some discussions and gain an idea of costings with an engineer as there are some aspects of our current system which we have never been happy with.

Sun, 07/22/2012 - 12:32

Hello allI'm wondering if anyone is aware of any WiFi Hotspot facilities in Southern Marche? My house is near to Comunanza and we are currently unable to get anything like Getby at our place (no signal).

Mon, 06/11/2012 - 11:48

Hi allI have a house in southern marche which is rented for holiday lets. Our sun loungers are past their best and I would like to replace them for this year. Our last ones were aluminium with textoline, just not very stylish.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 05:43

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Answer to: IMU
Fri, 12/13/2013 - 09:28

Thank you very much - that was what I thought but I couldn't seem to find the reason why I thought that!

Answer to: IMU
Thu, 12/12/2013 - 13:22

Hello all My home is classified as a seconda casa. I am just in the process of making the balance payment for my IMU for this year. It does not appear that my comune have made any changes to the rate. However, can anyone tell me if the whole balance payment goes to my comune, or is it split between the comune and the state like last year?Thanks in advance!

Sun, 10/20/2013 - 15:04

Apologies all....I have not managed to keep up with any announcements relevant to IMU payments for second home owners. I will be returning to Italy shortly and would normally pay my second installment of tax at this point (I just find it easier to do it in person than try to use my bank's online payment form). Will this be possible this year or is everything still up in the air? For my first installment this year I just paid the same amount as last year, but all of it went to my local comune rather than 50% to the state. I think....Does this sound about right? I have to say....wouldn't it be lovely if it could remain the same long enough for me to understand the rules!?

Tue, 09/03/2013 - 10:59

Hello allThank you all for your suggestions and thoughts. I have to say, it sounds that my friends' experience is very similar to that of susandamato - very miserable indeed. I would be keen to hear more about the products you used - vit B tablets? dettol? baby oil? I know tiger balm and will ensure we have a stash available.We already have insect plug ins and use fans and mosquito nets (although I do take on board your suggestion, Fillide, of making my friends aware of the need to close the mosquito net all day rather than just when they go to bed!). We do have some woodworm so I would be interested also to see anything about these spider mites if you find it - my search drew a blank on this.Many thanks for all your thoughts on this - I've been really fed up about it all! 

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 05:56

Has anyone got any idea what this might be? Any thoughts/experiences/advice would be really appreciated.Thanks in advance

Answer to: Gas Prices
Fri, 05/24/2013 - 17:45

Does anyone know if the comunita Montana discount is still available? We used to get it but it seems to have stopped being put onto my bill now (we only have our bombola filled infrequently - thank goodness!). Has something changed?Thanks 

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 18:11

Hi there I just wondered if anyone could give some more information about this please? Where can I find this manual - I'm guessing it will be in Italian - and is anyone able to paraphrase it in terms of what Marche property owners' responsibilities are now? Thanks

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 14:16

Hi there The house is near to Comunanza. Thanks

Answer to: WiFi Hotspot
Mon, 06/11/2012 - 14:35

Penny That's really helpful info - thank you. In Game in Comunanza is it free or charged and do you have to use their PC or could I take my Ipad and connect wirelessly? I think I may well look into the dongle thing in the longer term. I don't have a clue about how they work though so need to do some research first! Thanks again

Sun, 04/01/2012 - 07:30

Hello all   Thanks for your comments. I'm interested to see what Leroy Merlin do - is their catalogue available online anywhere? I don't seem to be able to find it.   Thanks again