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Mon, 05/12/2014 - 15:45

Why have I chosen to live in Italy? Culture. Community. Connection.Yes Italy has it's " problems", but what country doesn't? Australia had plenty, I just became immune to them and over time, learnt how to work around them to minimise the problems. I guess I'll learn the same for here if and when I come across similar problems! I'm getting my business up and running and when I get frustrated, I remember I faced the same thing in Oz when I started out and it took the same effort. It's how you research, prepare and reset your expectations of what this country offers and the way of living you're going to create, that matters. If I came here with my Australian expectations (or attitude!), I'd be a wreck! In Italy, there's an essence of sharing and caring. Admittedly I speak the language so that's helped, but I'm still doing a one month course, 5 mornings a week to get my grammar right. The people I'm meeting and the added level of conversation I'm having as a result, is just awesome! (I think my English grammar was off in that paragraph!).Curiosity and genuine respect go a long way here. People I've only just met have been heartfelt helpers and ask me " are you joking?" when I thank them immensely for something they've gone that extra step to help me with. It's just normal for them to share and care. When you don't come with attitude. I've noticed arrogance or obnoxios approaches have the wall go up. No one likes their attempts to share and care mistreated or disrespected.The food has more flavour and reminds me that simple, fresh, unprocessed eating is actually better for my body and mind. Yes it's an adjustment to how I do my shopping, but I'm snacking way less between meals because I'm actually satisfied and satiated. The " inefficiencies" I've sometimes caught myself out whining about are actually a reminder that  some of the habits I made " normal" in Australia were off base. Italy forces me off the treadmill and reminds me to enjoy the daily and momentary beauties. When I get stressed, I say smile at a local who has an emphatic greeting back, or I look up and check out this amazing building and find out the story of it's history.... far out, I want to do an italian history degree.I'm changing my old Oz hermit habits to actually ensure I get to know my neighbours in a qualitatively different way than I did in Australia. It's a challenge for me personally but the culture, community and connection positively support me to do it, or I won't get far here. My ongoing learning.Am I sounding biased? Probably! It's what I'm making of my adventure to Rome. A system is a system to be worked with, in, around! When frustrations come and go, the more common heart and soul sharing of the culture, community and connection is what will have a stronger memory trace :-)