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After an abscence I am back with a query. Last summer in the UK I grew two varieties of Courgettes, Tondo and Fiorentina, because of the glut I decided to preserve them in OLive Oil.

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 07:44

In yesterdays Telegraph there was the following article about gardens around Trasimeno.

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 07:39

After a somewhat chaotic winter and no appearnces on the forum I have returned.

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 07:35

I saw this last weekend and thought it might be usefulDealing with an Italian traffic fine - Honest J

Tue, 07/07/2009 - 12:26

Jus to say hello, I was on the previous forum but as Robert, because of a previous mistake by me setting up the old account. Still based in UK but Umbria is still the target!!

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 12:39

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Mon, 04/26/2010 - 09:56

Listen to on line Italian radio while you are on the computer. I found that the most difficult thing is to understand what is being said to me. I can prepare wonderful comments - all of which are totally useless in the face of understanding the spoken word. Hope this helps

Mon, 04/26/2010 - 09:53

The hole in the bottom of the euro sink is bigger than  the hole in the bottom of the sterling sink - at the moment. Just beware that Oil is priced in dollars!!

Answer to: Newbie
Sun, 04/11/2010 - 06:57

Welcome to the forum, hope you make plenty of use of all the expertise there is. Just one question, what's your spoken Italian like?   Brian

Mon, 04/05/2010 - 10:59

I'll have to have some of them creeping up my trellis!!!!

Mon, 04/05/2010 - 10:06

I grew my plants, Tondo, Fiorentina and Custard White, on an allotment so the toxin could have come from anywhere. Next time I grow Zucchini I shall try just one variety in case it came from one of the other varieties. Custand White is the most amazing looking zucchini - reminiscent of a space ship!!!

Mon, 04/05/2010 - 10:01

Thank you for that, the link was there as I wrote my post because I checked it. Still all's well etc. I do have the individual websites and phone numbers if anyone still has difficulty in geting hold of the info. All the gardens are fairly close to Lake Trasimeno.

Mon, 04/05/2010 - 09:55

Umbria - around lago del Trasimeno, we have had a numbe of holidays in the area and are hooked!!

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 12:53

Many thanks Gala, my apologies for the wrong spelling of the wrong language. I cannot recall that those zucchini I ate last year were particularly bitter, as I said it is only a suggestion of taste but it is so unexpected but not unpleasant as we are eagerly chomping through them.  

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 12:50

Mi dispiace!   Zucchini

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 07:53

Whilst this posting has nothing to do with Italy it still sticks in my mind. Nine years ago I was flying from Jomosom, on the Nepalese/Tibetan border to Kathmandhu. I had been trekking for 6 weeks and had a Swiss Army knife in my bag for the hold. There was a thorough examination of ALL bags and my knife was removed as a hazard, even though it was destined for the hold, as I walked out of the check in room and out on to the runway area my knife was courteously returned to me to carry on the plane!!!!!   Brian