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Fri, 05/13/2011 - 10:52

..did everything himself, but he said he was quite happy to have a geometra to collaborate with who could do alle the "boring stuff", like dealing with the comune etc. Our architect also wanted 10-12%, but since we thought it was unacceptable, we simply agreed on a more reasonable flat fee. End the end we couldn't have done without him. Good luck

Answer to: storage boxes
Thu, 04/28/2011 - 14:06

would just call them "contenitori"... and the pdf catalog that you see on the website only contain garden material. You need to look in the "casalinghi" section of the shop.  

Answer to: storage boxes
Thu, 04/28/2011 - 03:47

either in IKEA, Ancona or (more often) in OBI, Sambuceto. Rgds

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 04:52

Hi, A new govenment decree signed yesterday by Napolitano now puts a stop to large PV-arrays on fields. After June you may construct max. 1 MW but you are allowed to use only 10 % of your land! Since 1 MW typically takes up 2 hectares, That practically means that you need to be the owner of 20 hectares in order to install the array. This means that a lot of already approved projects probably are not going to be built. But since the government with this "colpo basso" to renewable energy has set aside all recommendations from the various commissions due to their own interest in promoting nuclear, let's just not hope that you'll get a nuclear plant instead...

Fri, 03/04/2011 - 04:36

..what the government is going to do with the incentives for the coming years. In April 2010 the decree "Third Conto Energia" was published and set the incentives for 2011-2012. Now the decree from yesterday totally undermines this, and the new values of the incentives has not yet been stated. Who has already started building and manage to get connected to the grid before 31st May this year, will benefit from the present incentives and be OK. The incentives will be completely phased out as per 1st Jan 2015, so until then, you should still be able to receive "something" in order to recover your investment. But at the moment nobody knows. Of course it should not be speculation, but the incentives are meant to create this mentality change which has happened in germany, where installing PV is "just something you do". Italians are more conservative than most, afraid on lending money, don't trust the government etc. so it will probably take longer. But perhaps it is good news to the Amandola people, because this is truncating the ROI on many big plants that have not yet been built and the present uncertainty puts everything on hold. Also, it will no longer be possible to build plants above 1 MW. Not that we can be overall happy, my husband is just seeing one year of work on 2 big projects transforming in next to nothing, but that's Italy for you. Berlusconi wants nuclear, (despite Italy voted NO in 1987) and it is all about money and power.

Wed, 03/02/2011 - 08:23

to the UK, which still have good incentives ;-) I don't know if general price level will fall, there will probably be a tencency to opt for cheaper brands, ie. chinese etc.. The GSE put some restrictions on certification which favoured quality brands, with no more incentives the buyer will probably be free to install whatever. Be sure that the case will be followed closely tomorrow...

Wed, 03/02/2011 - 06:51


It works but contributions are being cut this year by 18% followed by 6% per year until 2013. If you are going to do it - do it now!! I hope this helps....???  

Tomorrow the Italian Consiglio di Ministri will vote a decree that in practice will stop contribution in Conto Energia from 2014 or when the limit of 8000 MW has been reached (expected to happen mid-2011, we're already at 7000 MW) with no grace period, meaning that even if you send in the application now and build you array, you will not be guaranteed the incentive, so who dare start? Legambiente, WWF, Assosolare etc. has organized a sit-in. Why this? To return to nuclear, of course! 

Mon, 02/21/2011 - 12:32

to pay you. Hi Alan, You sign a 20 year contract with the GSE, Gestore Servizi Elettrici ( where they commit to paying you the incentive for your produced electricity. With Enel it works roughly like this: During the day you produce from your PV-installation and consume at your house. Normally you'll produce more than you consume and the surplus goes to the grid, giving you a "credit in kWh" with Enel. During the night you only consume and thereby creating a deficit in kWh, which you will still be paying on your electricity bill (if you switch as much as possible of your electricity consumption to daytime hours, your bills will be small). And the end of the year GSE will do the annual accounting of kWh credit and kWh deficit on the Enel data and reimburse you what you've paid to Enel (if the net result is in your favour). If you then still have credit kWh you may choose to be paid off at market price (0,09 euro/kWh, hence much less than you pay to Enel pr. kWh you consume) or save the credits for consumption during the following year (recommended due to the above, the kWh is worth more to you this way). This is the 2nd contract you sign with GSE, called "Scambio sul Posto". So you KEEP PAYING FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION to ENEL, and you ONLY DEAL with the GSE for INCENTIVES and the NET METERING accounting. I don't think you have to worry about the contract being voided, more about the Italian way of "giving with one hand and taking with the other", ie. the taxation of the income from the PV-production, because it will generate income based on the PV-owners  fiscal status.

Sun, 02/20/2011 - 08:13

Yes the CIA or CAA is Centro Assistenza Agricola or perhaps you have a Coldiretti nearby. They may have a legal advisor, or at least be able to give you the name of some laywer/notaio who is competent in the question. I can see that you feel squeezed, but your "vicino" still have to go to a judge to exercise their right against the seller, so they have to take action. And that doesn't mean that they will then necessarily be able to buy only small parts of the land.. If you don't really want to sell parts of the land, I'd just tell them to talk to the previous owner (or his laywer) about this. You should have a talk with this laywer as well, it is the only way of knowing if they have considered this problem and followed the rules during the sale. But what a nuisance..

Sat, 02/19/2011 - 07:52

..remember that they have to prove their right to prelazione and that they should be "coltivatore diretti". It was the sellers job to notify the confinants about the sale sending a raccomandata at the time of the stipulation of the preliminary contract (before the sale), so your laywer is half right (a good laywer would probably have asked the seller, if letters to the confinants had been sent). If they have their right, they can buy the land for the same price as you have paid, no extra fees included - and you should of course sue the seller for the damage. To be able to exercise the right to prelazione the law says that the confinant must be "coltivatore diretto". In assenza di affittuari (o mezzadri) sul fondo posto in vendita, il diritto di prelazione spetta al coltivatore diretto, proprietario dei terreni confinanti. Questo non deve essere venduto, a sua volta, fondi nei biennio precedente (per un imponibile superiore a 1.000 lire) e deve aver coltivato il proprio terreno negli ultimi due anni direttamente o con l'aiuto dei familiari. That means that only the land owner can exercise the right, not the daughters (and not an investment company). But there are a lot of twists to the law, you may try the CAA or CIA office nearby to see if they can direct you to somebody who can clarify the situation in your case. First of all I'd go to the seller, though. It's his problem, as the sales contract will be voided. Tell him that you're going to sue him if this thing goes through, and I'm sure he'll do all the necessary research for you.... Anyway, they would need to go to court before May, the right to claim terminates one year after the sale. If you want to keep everything, I'd just sit back and wait for seller and claimant to sort it out. If you want to sell a bit of the land to them, stand on your price. Good luck