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NEIGHBOURS DOG NOISE IN THE COUNTRYSIDECan anyone advise what the regulations are on control of dogs on private land? I live up a hillside with one adjoining neighbour who has two dogs.

Thu, 11/28/2019 - 08:55

Reliable source of firewood in the Canelli/Nizza area needed Can anyone recommend someone who can deliver 10-20 quintale of wood? Need a reliable source as been shafted in the past. Thanks

Fri, 09/27/2019 - 08:34

Woodworm treatment!  Anyone used this new 'microwave' treatmenet I'm hearing about? Or is the chemical approach still the best solution?

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 07:48

BOILERS! Can anyone give advice on sourcing a boiler system that can use both logs AND pellets?  I've just bought a house in Piemonte and the boiler needs to be replaced.

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 02:56

PIemonte B&B plans still moving forward - but can anyone advise what taxes and social security payments would be due on income/net profit?   Getting very mixed messages from different sites!

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 08:04

B&B rules re number of rooms in Piedmont? Any advice? Hello everyone. Hoping that somebody can assist with guidance on how the rules work re the maximum number of rooms a B&B can have?

Sun, 01/03/2016 - 05:41

Hello!  I'm on the verge of giving up my London life and moving to Liguria. I bought a small holiday home near Ventimiglia two years ago and have fallen in love with the region.

Sun, 07/05/2015 - 07:35

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Wed, 06/07/2017 - 12:26

Cheers Conor - will do as soon as we come up for air in sorting the move-in. House is a tip! I'm at sbthorne@rocketmail.comTalk soon for sureSteve

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 08:24

Once we're a litle more sorted up here you'd be welcome to stop by.  Safe travelsSteve

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 07:51

Hi ConorThanks for your excellent reply - most helpful indeed. We are finally here and just up the road from you in Rocchetta Palafea.Are you here most of the time?Steve

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 04:00

Thanks Alan - good to know. And of course makes complete sense. This is new to us so we're trying to explore all things. Whereabouts in Piemonte are you and where do you go in winter?

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 03:14

THanks Modicasa. We would be VAT registered as operating too much as a business and for longer than the potential time restrictions on traditional B&Bs.  I'll engage my accountant on this one I think.Thanks for responding.

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 03:14

Thanks Nicolas. Yep absolutely I'll be speaking with an accountant for a better view. Thanks for the recommendation re Natascha.

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 03:13

Many thanks - very useful and hadn't seen this before in English. Thanks 

Sun, 01/31/2016 - 19:00

Thanks - will that in mind. So confusing but I guess that's Italian red tape and process for you! 

Sun, 01/31/2016 - 18:59

Thanks very much for the advice!

Sun, 01/31/2016 - 18:58

Cheers Conor - much appreciated!  I will certainly keep your offer of services in mind.