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Tue, 04/04/2017 - 12:08

Hi Silvia!  I have also traveled to Italy to do family research and discovered that my grandfather was the only one of 6 brothers to settle in the United States (Brooklyn, NY). I was met by a tidal wave of relatives and I was completely unprepared for the torrent of love and hospitality. The experience was beyond words.  I returned last year and plan to go back this year as well. I have many many cousins and 3 great uncles and aunts -- some of whom live in the north (near Milan) and some that continue to live in a small town named Umbriatico in Crotone, Calabria. They are the most wonderful people and we keep in touch by Facebook and text messaging. I'm planning another visit this year in September or October. I always look for opportunities to share this story and have lots and lots of pictures. I'd be happy to participate in your project. Regina Napolitano Stein