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Tue, 11/14/2017 - 13:49

This is an old thread which I am restarting because this is the only place where I have seen a potential light ant the end of the tunnel! I am going through the exact same issue and I am getting different answers from the estate agent, the notary etc. I am an EU citizen moving to Italy, buyng a beautiful house near Assisi to restore and I'm in the final days before signing the deed. The house is classified as 'unita collabente' and as such the Tax authority says that resident tax rules for 'prima casa' do not apply here because it is not livable. So, instead of the 2% tax, they are imposing 9% tax on the purchase price of the property. Hence, my questions - Why are we being charged  9% on the overall purchase price and not the cadastral value? If the cadastral value is minimal because the property is unhabitable, how did the previous poster manage to pay just the 3% and then move in within 18 months? Do you need to provide any evidence to the tax authority?  Thanks anyone for your help here