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Thu, 03/26/2020 - 23:29

Both Ikea and Bama have ready to install kitchens and Bama will install them for you. We are in the province of Cosenza in Santa Domenica Talao. Our village is very safe and wonderful. The Bama is a huge furniture and kitchen/bathroom manufacturer and they deliver into the hill towns. Ikea is in Salerno so a bit of a drive. Mama is in Sant Maria del Cedro and Diamante. I don't know where in Cosenza you are but I hope this helps.

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 23:25

I don't know about the Cuneo area but I have a place in Calabria. The prices are extremely low if you purchase in a hill town versus a place but the sea. We have many properties in our village that are very inexpensive and do not need super extensive repairs. 

So I would have to say in our village a 25,000 property is very doable. My village is Santa Domenica Talao.

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 16:38

I own a house in Calabria in a hill town named Santa Domencia Talao. My husband and I have owned it for 7 years now and are retiring soon. We have just purchased a buiding to renovate and turn into a BNB. I have helped several friends come over and look at property because very few of the houses in our village are listed on the property pages. Our vilage architect andf our mayor are very welcoming to Americans.  If you are interested in Southern Italy, Calabria is a graet place and very inexpensive. It has the best beaches on the planet and the best food as well. Let me know if you want help.  

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 16:37

I have a place in a hill town in Calabria. We have owned it for 7 yars and love it. We are going to retire there soon. There are several Americans living there along with people from the UK, and Russia. All are part of the community and Santa Domencia Talao (our village) welcomes new comers very warmly. If you are unfamiliar with Calabria, it has some of the msot stunning beaches on the planet and the best food anywhere. Most of the food is very fresh and organic. And everything is incredibly inexpensive. If you are looking for someplace where property is very inexpensive, Calabria is the best. Down the hill from us is the resort town of Scalea and you can ifnd apartments there for 30K euros, In my village on top of the hill with sweeping views of the Mediterranean, there are beautiful properties available and comparable with Scalea. If you are interested in looking, my friend Ivan can help you, we have known him for years and he is working with us on our BNB project. let him know I sent you!you can find him at the Calabria Realty Group