What started out as a favor to a few people in late 1998 has developed into a now international property management business. Gina Lucchesi, CEO of Lucca Property Services, founded the company with the help of her late husband, Remo Menchini, in 2011 to more effectively meet the needs of foreign homeowners in Italy..."I started out working in a hardware store here in Tuscany, but the foreign clients were always asking me if I knew a good plumber or if I could recommend a good contractor. So Remo would say, 'Why don't you start a business to help these people?'"LPS now provides an exceptionally comprehensive list of services always delivered to the highest standard, including property management, rental management, building and renovations, garden works, landscaping, pool maintenance, property marketing and expat services... "The funny thing is that I studied to be a nurse, and I loved it. I hope I'm still using my skills to take good care of my clients!" And because of LPS's ever-growing success with European and Australian clients, Tuscan Property Solutions, a San Francisco based company, was established in 2016 to offer this same kind of high-quality property management service tailored to the needs of the American marketplace.

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