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Petritoli village is the perfect place to mark the greatest milestone in your life. A special place to start the important journey of being together. It is the village where you will return so to remember and where you will always be remembered. We know what being together means. Your celebration is our joy. Your guests are our guests. Experience the village that makes celebrating an art.

Alternative and exclusive this destination is like no other. It has all the requisites of pure charm. Quaint and friendly and most importantly beautiful. It is the perfect location which provides all the factors to make a true Italian wedding.

Situated in Le Marche in central Italy, this is a gentle hilly wine country that enjoys the kind weather offered by the immediate vicinity of the Adriatic coast and has a moderate Mediterranean climate.

In Petritoli you and your guests have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Italian Style Wedding with a historical background in the center of a scenic medieval village. This is not just a location Petritoli village is an experience where you will get to know our land through the food, be marveled at the beauty of the countryside, and then become enchanted by the friendly spirit that abounds.

As with all the villages of Le Marche, Petritoli has a long history dating back to forgotten times and its inhabitants have proudly managed to preserve the unique medieval architecture within walls and towers and the web of winding cobbled streets. The authentic squares even today remain the heart and focal point of important events such as your wedding. A perfect intimate venue location made private just for your special dining event.

The panoramic garden situated in the old Monastery which today houses the Town Hall is the romantic setting where couples host the wedding ceremony. A place that many photographers have declared as their professional playground because of the birdseye views of the sea the hills and mountains and the majestic architecture that surrounds.

For those that look for something original, there is the Baroque Iride theater that has been locally named the "Chocolate Box" for its cozy red velvety atmosphere and its unique and quirky ambient

No doubt both locations possess what every venue must-have, the surprise factor.

Petritoli provides a Castle Palace setting for your accommodations with pools and gardens where each window opens to breathtaking views. Adorned with authentic furniture with modern facilities, this is the perfect lodgings for you and your guests in a comfortable homely atmosphere and a prestigious backdrop. A Historical property where importantly all your guests can be accommodated all together as a group in the center of the village with all the town services such as shops and restaurants at the doorstep.

Organizing a wedding destination can sound daunting but we are here to make it all simple and stress-free. We know what is most important to couples and that is the precious time spent with friends and loved ones. Our team and agency of Turismarche provide helpful guidance and tailor-made services designed around your needs for your wedding day and also for the entire stay. We focus on the comfort of your guests and help you organize your wedding arrangements in an easy and straightforward manner so that from the first day you arrive all you have to do is to relax and enjoy.

Wedding in Petritoli is an experience that you and your guests will never forget. 



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