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Via Pietro Lorenzetti, 31
Arezzo AR

+39 338 4741778


Space designers, suggestion creators, that’s what we are. Wedding Music & Lights is a professional staff. We take care of the music and the lighting at your wedding. We know the right atmosphere just before starting.

The only objective we have is to realize a dream, your dream. A memorable and original wedding that will be able to leave an indelible mark on your guests and on your mind. We use lights to transform a space into a suggestive location just underlining its details. We give importance to the characteristics of the place you choose for your wedding by increasing its value and charm just for your most beautiful day.

Whatever your idea is, we have the knowledge and creativeness to make it come true.

We realize synergies between music and lights by putting at your disposal the best wedding music and DJ services. A wedding is not just a special party but a day full of excitement and suggestions that need to be underlined by the right music too. Devotion, reliability and willingness are our prerogative. Taking care of you is our priority.


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