13 Photos To Inspire A Visit To Romantic Verona

Verona, UNESCO-rcognized for the architecture and urban structure, is often referred to Italy’s city of love.  No doubt this has something to do with being the set of three Shakespeare plays, including the famous Romeo and Juliet, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Taming of the Shrew. Though you can find Juliet’s balcony in the old palazzo claimed to be of the Capulet family, however it’s actually ironically the most unromantic spot in this town full of architectural treasures. Many monuments date back to the illustrious Roman empire, with the Roman amphiteater the most important monument in the city. Despite a devestating earthquake in 1117 that destroyed the outer gates, the interior remains intact and the site is used for stupendous opera concerts during the summer months. 

After a weekend visit recently to celebrate the birthday of my fiance, we saw first-hand the joys of this beautiful Italian city of the north. The region of Veneto itself is home to so many colorful and historical towns. Verona, with a population of less than 300,000 is as charming as they come, a true human-sized town with great local shops that is easy to see on foot -- and would make the perfect place to study Italian. Its close proximity of towns like Milan and the newly-named capital of culture of 2016, Mantova, make it an attractive place to base while discovering Veneto and nearby Lombardy. 

The best panoramic points of the city can be seen from Torre dei Lamberti and Castel San Pietro, while walking along the river Adige, its source in the Italian alps, is as scenic as rivers in Italy get. I also recommend visiting the incredibly ornate Scaliger Tombs, a group of five Gothic funerary monuments in Verona, Italy dedicated to the powerful Scaliger family who ruled Verona from the 13-14th centuries. 

To get inspired, here are 13 photos of my recent trip to this beautiful and underrated Italian city. 

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