15 Photos of Catania's Food, People and Streets

Photos & text by Noemi Scavo Photographer

Living in another country has made me feel closer to my own. I was born in Sicily and even if I had always been in love with my town, each time I go back I behave like a tourist.

As everybody knows, food is essential for us wherever we are. For the same reason during my last trip to Sicily, I decided to visit our most famous fish market “La pescheria” with roots back to when Sicily was under ninth-century Saracen rule. 

La pescheria is right behind Piazza Duomo; if you start from the "Amenano" fountain, continue through the tunnel of Carlo V, finishing in Archi della marina.

The warmth of the people fills the marketplace so you don’t need to make any effort to break the ice. All of the fishmongers have their own unique engaging approach to try and sell you their best fresh fish. The choice is vast: you have your pick of octopus, cuttlefish, swordfish, tuna and of course I should not forget the delicious assortment of shellfish. The beauty of this place is not just in the location, it is also the picturesque atmosphere which perfectly reflects the tradition of the island.

During my visit, I met Turi and Saro (classic Sicilian names), who were there to do their weekly shopping. They wanted to know why I was taking photographs and very kindly suggest the best fishmongers in the market and give me some information about the area. Despite the fact Catania is my home town, I was truly pleased with the generous welcome they extended to me. 

Near the fish market, there is another area where you can find butchers, cheese sellers, and green grocers. In true Italian style, they will ask you to taste their specialities and so by the end of your visit you’ll probably have tasted most of our local produce, and thus, you might have skip lunch because you’ve already eaten too much. Catania's markets are closed Sundays and most afternoons.

To end this personal reflection of a beloved place, here is my favorite quote by Plato about Sicily:

Sicilians build as if they’ll live forever And eat as if they’ll die tomorrow.


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