1950-1970s Italy Through Vintage Food Ads

An interesting exhibition displaying food-related images and ads dating to the 1950-1970s is currently open in Parma.

The materials on display, often salvaged from houses, cellars, vintage markets and online auctions, are interesting because they show  Italians’ relationship with food, the rituals of eating and the collective imagination of Italians “at the table” from the 1950s to the 1970s, a period of economic boom. What’s also interesting is that many of the products advertised are still very popular today and therefore familiar to all of us.

Il Cibo Immaginario. 1950-1970 Pubblicità e immagini dell’Italia a tavola” (Imaginary Food. 1950-1970, Advertisements and Images of Italy at the table) is open until June 15. Check these images from the exhibition.