I introduce myself: my name is Elisa, I love Raku pottery since I was a student and I saw it for the first time in a small shop in Umbria. I was immediately enchanted and I bought a vase for my brother’s wedding! Raku lasted in time something I admired as a user, when Raku and I met again, and I entrusted myself to clay and to this art which worked as a medicine for my soul.

Moulding, conceiving and creating something from the soil is for me a cathartic, reconciling process with myself and the world. I attended and still attend my Master’s lab, to whom I will always be grateful for his willingness, his wisdom, his time he devoted to me and countless incitements and motivations he gave and keeps on giving me. Now I start from here with my Raku pieces collection, outcome of love, time, dedication and part of me. Raku is a passion for me with other ones that involve and enrich me positively.