Frammenti di Colore

My adventure as an artisan arose from a difficult moment. I am a former travel agent, forced to shut my activity. I decided to reinvent myself, betting on myself. I discovered that I possessed two qualities: manual skills and creativity, so I started creating decor items, such as photo holders, clocks, drawing inspirations from the marquetry technique.

The products I create are realised with wood with coloured inlays, starting from raw materials and using just my hands and my creativity. Each item is a unique and unrepeatable piece, not produced in series. Each item comes from a complex process.

For what concerns the clocks, I create the subject on paper, I transfer it on 3 mm birch wood panels, then I cut the wood into squared tiles which will then form the final subject. Each tile, after the sanding, is coloured and dried. Subsequently, the tiles are snap-fit glued on the back of the clock, previously treated and coloured. The frame of the clock is realised with four pieces of ayous, on which I carve a groove. Finally I glue the frame on the clock and finish it with transparent protective polish, and I mount the quartz clock mechanism. For what concerns the frames, I cut the ayous bars, I create grooves, sand them and then glue them together. After this, the frame is sanded again and coloured. Then, for the realisation of the inlay I follow the same procedure that I use for the clocks, applying the glass and the back piece.