Precious Handcrafted Earrings for a Special Italian Touch

Are you looking for a precious, long-lasting present for the special woman in your life? Then this collection of traditionally handcrafted gold earrings by Kokku provides the perfect gift idea!

Founded by husband and wife duo Andrea and Ansula Usai, this unique brand preserves artisan craftsmanship, whilst creating on trend jewelry pieces traditionally handcrafted from gold filigree.

Having met them in several occasions, we know how committed they are to preserving this utterly delicate and traditional art form, deeply rooted in Sardinian history. Filigree jewellery made from twisting fine gold and silver threads, developed through centuries of practice is a specialised skill and an important part of Sardinia’s rich cultural history. The Sardinian artisans they have meticulously selected make all the jewellery by hand using, whenever possible, recycled gold to create beautiful pieces without compromising on ethical principles.

We selected some of their wonderful 18 carat gold (750/1000) earrings for you. They come with a certificate of authenticity in a classy white wooden box and a carrier bag which makes it ideal for presents.

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