My family and I have recently returned

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11/29/2019 - 16:09

My family and I have recently returned from a trip to Italy, which included time at Lake Como. We are of italian ancestry and are looking to purchase a small apartment on Lake Como. Any advice would be helpful.Best regards,Bill



Never visited Lake Maggiore, but have been to Lake Garda and Como. Interested in learning more about the property and the area around it. What town is property near on Lake Maggiore? Any information provided would be helpful.Bill

Hi I am an architect with projects on Lake Como, I have also helped people find their ideal property on Lake Como.By all means contact me in private - let me know in what part of Lake Como you would ideally like and what size you need and minimum - maximum budget you have to spend.   

We are in the early stages of this process. We are US citizen's of Italain heritage looking to spend no more than $150,000 US dollars on a property with lake views that can be used in the short term as a VRBO/Airbnb rental and ultimately as a retirement home/apartment. We recently spent some time in Mennagio and found the entire Lake region to be an ideal place to spend more time. We would be interested in an apartment or stand alone property that meets our needs. Thank yoiu for your time.Best regards,Bill, Cheryl & Gabrielle

Hello Bill, Cheryl and Gabrielle, I am so sorry I meant you to send a private message so as not everyone sees your business, but maybe you could not find my email from my profile.Please send a message to and I wil reply to you in detail. All the best Conor

Hi, since you are physically not in Italy, I suggest you to do a generic search on the web and once you find some interesting properties, you can contact a lawyer who can call on your behalf and make sure the property exists and it’s still on sale. It’s safer and faster!