HiDoes anyone know of a good English

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11/06/2019 - 04:57

HiDoes anyone know of a good English speaking property lawyer in the Tropea area?Many thanks Krissie 



Hi UgoThank you for your reply. We own our properties which are not connected to the main services but they are part of an unfinished complex. The land owner is being very difficult e.g won’t attend meetings to move the project on and we’ve reached a deadlock. We’d like to cut ties with the landowner and finish our properties so that we can finally use them. This has been a dispute of many years

surely with the help of a lawyer, and Italian courts, your grandchildren will also receive this inheritance - are you sure that by going in person to talk to the landowner owner, you can't get an honorable solution?

Dear UgoSadly, the landowner agrees to a meeting then does not attend. This has been the way for many years and we have never been able to connect to the utilities and use our properties. I do not think the landowner understands 'honourable' Thank you for your reply. 

Hi Krissie,

Try to contact this law firm.

You will be assisted by an honest English speaking lawyer.

They assist foreign clients in the whole Italian Country.

Let me know!