11/28/2019 - 08:55

NEIGHBOURS DOG NOISE IN THE COUNTRYSIDECan anyone advise what the regulations are on control of dogs on private land? I live up a hillside with one adjoining neighbour who has two dogs. The dogs are kept permanently outside and are for 'security' I'm told. However, the dogs bark ALL the time. If I wander into my garden the dogs bark and then set each other off and they'll be barking at each other for hours.  If I return home late at night the dogs bark as I get out of my car and then bark again for at least an hour until they settle down. It has been a problem for many months and despite asking our neighbours politely to move the dogs somewhere else on their land, or tie them up on the opposite side of their house, they have refused, telling me I should expect dogs in the countryside!I'm struggling to find legilsative guidance on this and our comune are not be very helpful.  I love dogs but prefer those which are trained and hopefully happy.Anyone out there had/have a similar problem?  Advice welcome! ThanksST



Hi ST,We have the same problem in our house in Calamandrana, next door has two dogs kept outside as guard dogs- Poor thing seem so un happy and bark at anything that moves i.e. birds, cats, cars, trees etc.We had a guest who was a very light sleeper who said they did not sleep at all due to the dogs next door.I am sorry but I have no solution but sympathise with you and the poor dogs. Interested to hear if anyone has a solution.

Same issue here! So sorry about your troubles! It is a complicated situation to deal with as they don't really have "real" laws regarding noise. Which means nothing to support you when ealing with barking :(

Are they hunting dogs?

We have neighbours with 2 dogs, they bark constantly. All night as well. And they escape...Last week they actually killed 6 chicken & even with the whole village complaining and the pound coming over to check on the situation, nothing has changed. And as you mentioned, the poor dogs are not responsible.

It is even harder to deal with when the owners don't care. However, the one thing I noticed will get people to take action fast here is embarrassment! And even that needs strategy because it all depends on the generation you are dealing with (social media might not affect Boomers as much as it would Millennials, etc...)

Examples: you could post pics/films of the situation on social media and make sure you tag the village, etc...; or write an article and email it to different local papers; if you are close to local stores/cafés feel free to gently/kindly make the situation known (give names) but always be sweet about it ;) etc...

Not sure this will be of any support but I most certainly feel your pain! Good luck!