My wife and I are frequent visitors to

08/03/2015 - 17:12

My wife and I are frequent visitors to Italy and iI have relatives that live in Milan.We are staying for two months just outside of Montelpulciano next mid April to mid June. We will spend the first week at Il Sasso language school.We will be having lots of family joining us for different periods.We know the entire area quite well but have only had day trips to Montelpulciano..What we would like help with in Montelpulciano is such things as parking frequently, market store for meals, perhaps some local contacts, etc.



Well Google maps has become useless for this type of information, used to be quite good... It looks to me that you are not on the outside of the town for you course.... So it depends on the town, but I would have thought a town it that popular area will be controlled regards traffic and parking. Hopefully someone can help better, but a tourist information map would be something to look for....