What to do until the lockdown eases, and what do

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05/07/2020 - 04:22

What to do until the lockdown eases, and what do you think about Italian tourism and about other things will be normal?


Personally, I think it's going to be at least a year before International tourism returns to Italy because every country seems to be doing their own thing. This may drag out the situation even longer. Domestic tourism will likely return within the year but only if businesses can adhere to the strict sanitation guidelines which is tough for many of Italy's small businesses. At the moment, we can't even leave our regions (unless for work/essential reasons) so only time will tell... 

In my, but also many other people opinion, tourism will not go back to normal for a while.

I have friends who own restaurants, private touristic beaches and hotels, and they are experiencing a high decrease of bookings. Furthermore the law is still unclear on what/how they can open, rules about social distances etc. It will all depend on the diffusion of the virus after this second phase of lockdown.

Restrictions are still quite severe and, in agreement with Georgette's comment, local tourism will work better than the foreign one.

If you are planning to come to Italy for a holiday, you may manage to come and enjoying it, but it depends on what you are looking for. Going out and visiting towns will probably be possible and enjoyable, but if you come for stay at beaches this is still a big unknown. You may be able to rent a boat! There are not huge restrictions there, as long you follow some rules about how many people you can host on your boat ;) It's an idea! :)))

I should also note that we have an article coming out tomorrow about this very topic. Just to give you an example of how things are here in Florence - people are still unsure about how much they can "move" in their own city. We're far from normality as it was before... Vediamo and I would love to rent a boat. Sounds like a dream! 

I agree that it will be a while until things really get back to normal.  I'm writing off being able to travel in 2020 and just hoping it will be safe next year.


Just a reminder to holiday home owners that the IMU etc is due mid june.  Normally my Comune sends out the completed F24 form, but they are not sending the June one out, as they haven't set the rate yet.  I have to pay the same amount as I did in June 2019, and they will correct any difference on the December F24 when they send that one out.

If you haven't heard from the Comune, try their website or contact a local.

Good luck

16th of June is the term within which you have to pay IMU. The second rate, as Alan said is the 16th of December.

However there are cases in which this tax is not due in June, due to the pandemic. You can find more info in this short article where it is explained who has to pay, when, and which category are exempted from paying.



The category D/2 is made by Hotels, B&B and properties that are used for making a profit.

Therefore, I do not believe you can avoid IMU this June 2020 :( since you use your property with a non-lucrative goal.

If anyone has any doubts, you can check the cadastral registry and see how your property is listed. If it is in D/2 category and you are owner and manager of that property, then you do not have to pay the June tranche.

Because I work with several foreigners who purchased a house in Italy, I have been in touch with many Municipalities, and most of them have not released and calculated the June 2020 IMU yet. So just be patient, but do not forget the expiration date (June 16th, 2020)!

Luxury Law

Re Imu - but this year in most comunes you will pay only IMU and not TASI , so the IMU rate will be the equivalent of the IMu andTASI rates last year.    i.e. - the same amount but reported differently on your F24

Thanks for the clarification, very useful as I missed this.  Do we now only pay IMU because it now includes the amount that was paid for TASI?  I pay by direct debit and I have always seen two F24 entries twice a year.  Will we only see one F24 payment twice a year going forwards?


Hi, We do not pay TASI this year at all in Italy. Calculation for IMU has not been decided yet in many Municipalities, so what you can do is paying the same amount of last year for the IMU (by using the same IMU code of last year). Then, in December, the Municipality will discount you the over-payment that you have potentially made in June.


2019 IMU = €100 

2020 IMU = ? (Unknown yet)

Then you pay €100 within June 16th.

The Municipality establishes that 2020 IMU is equal to €80 (so you have paid €20 more than what actually due). Then in December you will pay €60. Meaning that you will pay the December tranche of €80 minus the higher amount that you anticipated in June.

Sorry for my basic explanation, but I think simple examples just clarify a bit better.


On June 3, the 14-day quarantine requirement will fall for foreign citizens from Schengen countries and Great Britain. For the rest of European citizens, this obligation will fall from 15 June.


Yes Tony 114 - basically it is so - and a clever little ruse to squeeze a bit more out of the payer, as TASI wasnt payable on all buildings but IMU is.   

Grazie Modicasa, I should have guessed it was somehow raising more cash.  Silly me.  It's a shame that second homes have become such a target for taxes from councils to utilities.  It depresses prices as owners through inheritance try to sell the old family home and the only link to original family village.  I look forward to my single F24 bank debit!