When can we get into Italy? We have an apartment

05/10/2020 - 10:49

When can we get into Italy? We have an apartment and taxnumbers in Italy. Can we get into the country if we drive by car through Europe?



Last decree abount lockdown  - effective from May 18

NFU (= note from Ugo) the decree is issued in Italian, I have translated the first sentence here, to which it follows in links to download it - as Dante Alighieri wrote, <leave all hope>, that the Italian government will provide you with a multilingual version ...

article 1> As of May 18, 2020, all restrictive measures for circulation within the regional territory referred to in articles 2 and 3 of the decree-law of March 25, 2020, no. 19 ...

NFU > is writter < whthin the regional territory > , not Italian or eu ..territory

Buona lettura

> https://i2.res.24o.it/pdf2010/Editrice/ILSOLE24ORE/ILSOLE24ORE/Online/_Oggetti_Embedded/Documenti/2020/05/16/decretoriaperture.pdf

At the moment, it is still not allowed to travel through Switzerland, nor Austria  to reach Italy by car.  There are EU talks planned to get a common rule for all EU (Schengen), Switzerland and Iceland, somewhere between 15 June and 1 July. Best bet is to go through France (Mont Blanc Tunnel to Torino). But it's very expensive and and a big detour. Better wait for the good news later in the month.

I have a customer who tomorrow leaves from Belgium, crosses Luxembourg, part of France, enters Switzerland in Basel, and in Italy in Chiasso - he says that to cross France, there is a form to fill in for the crossing and it is enough to prove that you have your residence in Italy, and equally for Switzerland - I know for certain that he has a residence in Italy, I obtained it for him :)

Swiss watches have gone out of fashion for several years already - now the Swiss, who are returning to being the safe, of the Italian euro, have adapted to the Latin saying <pecunia non olet> and also to the transit covid, from and to Italy :)


Here in Brussels, EU Foreign Ministers have just concluded their meeting on free travel within the Schengen area. Normally from 15th June their will be free transit but individual member states can still impose later date. This will certainly be the case of Spain (1th July). With Switzerland it's still unclear. This week Swiss residents returning from Como with shopping bags were fined. Positive is that Swiss residents can go to their second residence in Italy. So I suppose you're right and we can assume that all non-resident property owners in Italy will be able to travel without restraints.

Sic transit gloria mundi 


Thanks for all the good info. We will bring our property papers, our masks, and prepare for a long journey from DK to Italy. We plan to use the Brennero-pass. 

Yesterday the Swiss Federal Government has decided that from June 15th ALL travel is allowed without any sanitary restrictions, overruling any restricting decisions by the local Canton Ticino. At lat  mid June I will drink my morning café overlooking Lake Como