Power cuts: We live in Bergamo. We're currently experiencing the

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07/16/2020 - 02:06

Power cuts: We live in Bergamo. We're currently experiencing the fifth power cut in five days.

Each lasts from one to four hours. There would seem to be a failing component in need of replacement.

This affects all three blocks of apartments in this piazzetta.

The supplier is a2aenergia. Can anyone point me at their obligations for domestic supply: I want to find out when the failing component will be fixed and what compensation we may claim for outages and damaged equipment. Thank you.



i doubt its the a2a you need to contact, but edistribuzione (ex enel) who will be responsible for the network. 




Thanks. I found that during the last power cut and entered the "POD" number. It has no record of any power interruptions and says that there is no planned work.

I'm just guessing there's a failing component at the sub-station that supplies these buildings, it cuts out, and someone is sent to switch it back on again. However the fault isn't being repaired, so it happens again and again. A component needs replacing.

We pay our bills to a2aenergia so I'm guessing we approach them for a reduction in our bills/and or compensation and this would be a good thing to do because without a financial incentive to fix it, this may just keep happening.. does anyone know if there is a formal compensation scheme to which energy suppliers must conform and adhere?

This tells you the law


Youd have to be without current for a minimum of 8 hours before you would qualify.