Could you post me to some information on the 110% super

06/30/2020 - 13:44

Could you post me to some information on the 110% super bonus - state aid for restorations in Italy, please.  My brother and I own a house in the Province of Latina, Italy.  It is our second home and we are co-owners.

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sorry , in Italian- but issued by Italian Tax Office !!


The final details are not out yet, but due any day from the Agenzia di Entrate. 

Basically divided into 2 types of grant. 

1. "Eco" for items such as roof insulation, double glazed windows, efficient heating system etc. 

2. Seismic improvements. This work cannot be done practically in an occupied property as it involves ripping up floors, taking roof off etc. 

The work carried out MUST improve the rated value by at least 2 classes. 

Expenses are set off as a tax credit, and these credits are transferable. 

NB. You need very accurate Bills of Quantities and prices. All the work has to be certified by a qualified engineer and/or MEP consultant.


new Italian Tax office - letter - with procedures to obtaion 110% - bonus and  transert of this bonus - to banks, building materials sellers , buildings firms