Ciao!Am new to the site, so forgive me if

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Am new to the site, so forgive me if this question has been asked before. 

I am thinking of getting a place in Bari (fell in love with Bari - close to London, easy to get to, lovely city/people, etc) and am wondering if I should buy or rent. 

I’m 67, still working so need to go back and forth to London.

From Reading other updates, it looks fairly easy to buy property, but if there are any things I need to be aware of please let me know. 


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Ciao e benvenuto!

It really depends on how much you want to invest and how long time you wish to stay in Italy every year.

At the moment the market is good for those who wish to buy, especially in the South of the Country.

About being easy to buy a property in Italy, opinions are different since it depends on how lucky you are. 

If you buy as a first house you have fiscal benefits, however you need to move your residency to Italy within a certain time.

Annual property taxes depend on the property income. If you tell us more, we might be able to give you stronger advices.  

Anyway, I would pay for a mortgage rather then wasting money on a property rent, but this is up to you.

I hope the above info are of help.

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A good time to buy and the process is very straightforward but I would suggest you initially rent where you might buy for a year to confirm its right for you in terms of travel, getting to know an area and just getting things done, etc as selling is much difficult than UK. 

It depends totally on the type of property you're looking for.   Also, 'at your age' renting may be a better option, especially as Bari is easy to get to as long as Ryanair flies there.   It also depends how much of the year you plan on being in Italy.   Some  people say rent for a couple of years and then youll know if you really want to buy.  Bear in mind the market for sales is not like the UK market, and its unlikely youll make a profit if you buy and sell within 10 years.  So, its all down to personal choice really.   If you have the financial resources,  better to buy a small flat in the UK, rent it out and use the money to pay the rent in Italy


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