My mother's father was born in italy, my mother was

03/01/2020 - 14:12

My mother's father was born in italy, my mother was born here in USA.  Can my mother get her passport, and then because she has her passport, then I can get my passport? 

My mother's father was a US Citizen when my mother was born.



As I understand it (and I'm not an expert) if your grandfather was/is Italian then you can obtain citizenship and hence a passport. I don't think your mother would need to get hers first. If he renounced his citizenship (rather then holding dual nationality) then this may be a problem. The London Italian consulate website is helpful. You should contact the one in the US 

Go to your nearest Italian Consulate's website for more information concerning: Italian citizenship by descent.  It is a lengthy process involving gathering of lots of information in the US as well as in Italy.  It won't involve your mother having to get a passport but will involve birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. here and in Italy, and whether or not anyone renounced their Italian citizenship.  That is the best place to start this journey...good luck!!

Obtaining Italian Citizenship via the “Jure Sanguines” procedure


We have been residing in Europe part-time since 1974, the last 15 in Italy. As my wife has dual citizenship, US and an EU country, we have not had to deal with the 90 day EU restriction for non-EU citizens. Approximately 10 years ago we decided I should apply for Italian citizenship through the “Jure Sanguines” procedure for various reasons. We located all of the necessary documents, had everything translated, etc., and made application to a US based Italian Consulate. I was interviewed and paid the necessary fees. The Consulate contacted me a few times over several years asking for more documents. We decided at one point to forget it and I stopped responding to the Consulate’s correspondence for several years.

Several months ago I received a registered letter from the Consulate stating that they only needed two more documents to complete the application. One was my grandfather’s “original birth certificate” and the other was for another copy of some other document. Since we had decided to forego ever returning to Italy, I answered thusly; 


“Dear ……., you of all people should know that entities do not provide “original birth certificates” as there is only one “original” which is why only copies are provided, which, incidently, I sent to you in 2010. The other document was sent to you in full translation in 2014 for the second time. 

So, why don’t you look someplace where the “sun don’t shine” and you might get lucky and find something.”


Two weeks later I received another registered letter from the Consulate congratulating me for being awarded Italian Citizenship along with a form to submit for my Italian EU Passport.


What a country!!!


Casa del Campanile

The issue you have is whether (or if) your grandfather renounced his Italian citizenship before your mother was born. This was required at one point to obtain U.S. Citizenship. If he renounced it before your mother was born, you're out of luck. If your mother was born before a renunciation, then you can proceed with out waiting for your mother. Or, you both can proceed together. I've gone through this process. My grandfather renounced his Italian citizenship after my father's birth.

I have dual citizenship as well as my children and grandchildren but my niece, my brother's daughter, wants to apply but my brother has no interest.   Can she apply for dual and skip over her father?   Her grandmother was an Italian citizen when her father was born.   I have all the necessary papers she needs to apply.   The papers are at the Italian consulate in NY.   My children just had to hand in their papers and the consulate just added them to my file.   Can my niece just add her file to mine since she is getting it through my mother just adding her birth certificate as well as her parents marriage certificate or does she have to file the papers all over again as I did?


Your niece can jump over her father, but she will need her father’s certified birth and marriage certificates, translated, with an apostate. I assume she resides in the NY Consulate’s service area, so their copies should be good. If she needs to go to a different consulate, she will need all new documents going back to her nonna

So you are saying that she needs to get her birth certificate, possibly her dad's, then her parents marriage certificate get translation and apostile then make the appointment (or make it before since it takes 2 years to get an appt) and then hand in with my folder?   I understand that now the consulate doesnt want people in their office so you just have to mail papers in the day of your appointment and they will notify you within 24 months with status.   I know this because my youngest daugther has April 2021 appt and read this on their website.   Do you know for sure my neice can just jump her dad and file under the papers that I have with the consulate or are you assuming this.   Great news if you are sure


Your niece needs the documents showing a blood relationship with her grandmother. That is her father’s birth and marriage certificate, as well as her birth certificate. If married, she should include her marriage certificate and birth certificates of any minor children.  No problem jumping over her father. But since his documents are required for her application, he can apply with her. Only needs to pay the application fee.

Definitely, make the appointment first and get the clock ticking. I’m not up to date with the Covid restrictions, but I do know the Philadelphia Consulate is restricting access. Just check NY’s website and keep current with what they want.