Hi I am seeking some advice regarding property management in

11/08/2020 - 13:45

Hi I am seeking some advice regarding property management in Italy. 

My late father had a house and land in South West Sardinia.  My relative who looked after the house/ paid bills on his behalf has sadly passed and as I am not based in Italy I really need some help to manage the property until I have probate and can put it up for sale.  Any advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks



Hi Sand,

If the problem is to pay bills, taxes (such as IMU, etc.) you can find a solution even if you are far away. I can explain you how to do it.

Whilst if you need someone to look after the house, you may find a real estate agency (maybe the same that you are instructing for selling the property) willing to introduce you to the right professionals (cleaner, gardener, etc.).

Please tell us what you are exactly looking for and maybe someone in the forum might help.


Luxury Law

Hi Luxury Law

Many thanks for your reply.  Yes it is really to pay the bills (IMU, utilities etc) as my relative had previously taken care of  all the payments and administration for me.

My other relatives are older and not online savvy so I don’t really know where to start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



Let me know if you haven't been able to resolve this.

I manage all this for my home in Capitana (neighborhood of Quartu) from my home here in Philly and travel back to Cagliari twice a year.

There are a few managed property companies that have emerged to address the AirBnB markets and others to take care of villas/homes that remain empty most of the year.

The biggest risks to your property are thieves and squatters; particularly during this time of year.

To successfully deter further "events at my property I have installed Ring cameras....

Feel free to contact me if you need any practical advice.




There a few points here.  Firstly if the owner of the house is dead, it is reasonable to assume that bills wont be paid - and the bills that are in his name can wait.  your fathers estate - theprobate should be don within  a year of his death, or you will pay sanctions.

To transfer the property to his heirs the succession must be doone in Italy, and the will if there is one, published in Italy e, even ifyou are claiming inheritance law in another country.  


 If there is only the eletricity to pay then it needs to be put into your name and you can pay online.  I dont see the need to pay a lawyer firm and their charges for smoething virtually  anyone could do.

Thank you for your advice.

The successione is being dealt with and we are at the final stage of the application I hope!  It’s the administration all all the bills and IMU which I have now had to look into as my cousin was looking after this but unfortunately now I don’t have any relatives able to carry this on. I intend to put the properties up for sale but realise this is probably not the best time!

I’ve spoken with Enel and am trying to complete the necessary paperwork. It’s the local taxes and water that I also need to re-organise which I’m worrying about.

The IMU is a tax on the householder, so once the succession is done, the new owners will be responsible for its payments at their quota of ownership.  The sanctions for late payment are very small, so even if you pay 6 months late, its not the end of the world.   ENEL is your only big problem.   Most comunes allow payments from a foreign bankaccount if you dont have an Italian bank account, andprovide a IBAN for the purpose.    However you do need an Italian bank account to pay the taxes on the succession, as theyare now taken out directly by the tax office.  That could be a bigger problem than bills. 

As regards selling, apart from the practical difficulties of showing/seeing a property, the market is surprisingly buoyant.