I want to take my husband's name when we get

12/02/2020 - 14:33

I want to take my husband's name when we get married in Italy

We both live in Italy. He's Italian and I'm Irish. Because people don't usually do it here, can I still somehow request it to be legally changed to my fiance's surname? Any advice is welcome! 



Yes, but its a long and complicated process, that requires various offices in Rome giving assent.  it wont be done at the wedding.  You will then need to start the process, cancel your old codice fiscale, and get a new one when Rome lets you complete it all.   Its probably easier getting married in Ireland! 

I do not know that in Italy it is possible to take the surname of the husband, a few decades ago, women, with marriage, could combine their husband's surname with their own, in this way <Maria White in Rossi>.

 Walking through the cemeteries, there are several examples .. - but beyond this, to my knowledge, you could not get more

Then, around the year 2000, a European law took over, according to which, women with marriage, kept the girl's surname (it seems to me that, this novelty, was considered as a victory by the feminist movement)

In England, I understand that it is even possible to change your surname, even as a single, I have had a couple of clients, men, who have done so, and many women, not only in England, take the surname with marriage of her husband.

However, I strongly advise against buying any property in Italy, with a surname other than that of a girl, because in the event of divorce, returning to having the girl's surname, - Mrs. Maria Rossi, ceases to exist, as a tax code, and Mrs. Maria White, obviously, will not be able to sell her share of the house, as it was purchased by Mrs. Maria Rossi, who is a different person for the Italian land registry office ..

Reason .. women .. reason ...

Following on from Modicasa and Ugo's comments - it would appear you really only have two options for taking your fiance's name.

1.   Marry him in Ireland

2.   Change your surname to match his before you marry him in Italy. 


Good luck