Does anyone know how to set up and ENEL account

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12/29/2020 - 19:00

Does anyone know how to set up and ENEL account using a UK mobile number? Due to Covid I have not been able to travel to Italy. I always pay my electricity Bill in the Italian Post office based upon my own calculation. This is because  I have never received a bill and cannot get ENEL to send me one. However this year I have paid online from the UK using the IBAN but I have never received any confirmation or statement. I have tried to get online but I believe it requires an Italian mobile number which I don't have. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve this?.

I have tried email, letter in Italian but never any response.




Hello modicasa

I am with Energia.

I pay online using the IBAN number I obtained from their website. I have to calculate the bill and pay more so I am always ahead with a safety margin. But I have never received a bill or any communication over the last 5 years.

I tried setting up an Italian Bank account two years ago but the Banks I contacted told me they saw the Uk as a third party country and did not have a procedure in place for me to start the account. So not very helpful.

Thank you very much.


Don't know whether this will work, but .............


Can you get an Italian neighbour to buy a cheap pay as you go mobile for you? 

Until you get to Italy, they will need to forward any messages to you, or  they could send you the SIM card to you.

(I have an Italian bank account, so pay by Direct Debit - but SEN do send me me regular bills in the UK, so I know what is being paid)

Hello alan.

Thank you for your response.

I was thinking of doing this but and have a builder friend who may be able to help.

Interestingly the property was damaged in storm Alex in October. Apparently a bit from a rescue helicoptor may have fallen off and damaged the roof. It caused damage to other properties as well. I was sent some photographs by the builder and could see that the light was on so some good!!. I'm now trying to get an insurance claim going so will post another question for information.


I'm sure there was a way of doing this in the past, but it's a while since we've had to deal with them. Perhaps another way forward either temporary or otherwise without getting an Italian mobile is to look at a virtual sim with an Italian number - cloud sim or the like. Search virtual SIM.

Have you registered on the website?  Who did the change of user on your account in the beginning?  They may have registered you for online bills only.   If you register on the site, with email and codice fiscale, you should be able to check your usage.   What do you mean when you say 'you cant get ENEL to send you a bill'?  

There is No way and now, even online banking without an Italian mobile number is not possible. Regarding ENEL payments, You either open a bank account in italy using your codice fiscale and your address here in italy and connect the bill payment to the account so every month it is automatically withdrawn or you or someone here does it for you by taking the money and the bill to the tobacco shop and pay. 


You could try asking someone in italy to buy you an Italian SIM card and post it to you. You could then use that in your U.K. phone. We have a phone with a dual SIM card- one U.K. and one Italian- to avoid the necessity of having two phones.