Wood burner central heating system

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09/19/2019 - 00:22

Wood burner central heating system Good morning all,first time posting and looking for some advice with central heating.we have a big woodburner with backboiler and getting some quotes to run 6 rads and hot water off it.Does anyone know of any suppliers in Umbria apart from the usual Leroy Merlin and OBI?. Where I can check online for cost otherwise I will buy in the UK and drive the rads and fittings over next time round, thanks all,Peter 



Hi I don't know what the answers above are about. I have ashtrays found this forum very helpful (well except for when I needed advice on getting rid of the edible dormice in my mill)

I went through a similar process Re heating. In the end I sourced a stuffa, pellet stove with a back boiler in Italy but collected radiators in the UK and trailered them over. (watch speed and weight of going through Switzerland) 

Be careful.

You may fall foul of import tariffs when transporting radiators to EU countries. Probably lots of paperwork to have done beforehand.

Ignore the Italian message. It mentions reading WhatsApp messages. I can't help with your query on heating as our problem is an open wood fire where the smoke doesn't pull up the chimney. Good luck.

"our problem is an open wood fire where the smoke doesn't pull up the chimney. "

Try making the fireplace opening smaller - this can speed up the air flow.  You can test it by holding up a bit of cardboard over the top half of the fireplace to see if things improve.  If it does, a more permanent closure can be fitted.



The other thing to check is the ventilation in the room.  If the problem disappears when you crack open a window, you probably need some type of air vent fitting, to allow the easier access of air into the room.


(Dont think we'll be able to drive down to Italy until September - and we will have our first jab of the vaccine in the next 3 weeks, but I think the problem will be EU countries allowing access without conditions)

Funny you should say that. When I crack open the door the chimney draws better but letting the cold in negates the whole point. I note that the previous owner had an extra vent installed.  We are on the top floor so a fairly short chimney.  I shall follow your tip and if I can't get any more ideas from someone local as well then I shall go for a bottle heater or just get rid of the fireplace and go onto mains gas with the central heating. 

I doubt I'll get a vaccine until late spring at best. As soon as I can we'll load the car and go.

Thanks for the advice.

An open fire seems daft when you look at the efficiency, even if I love them it does not make sense. So replace with a woodBurner or pellet stove (if you must). Regards  vents a small 12v pc vent/fan would suffice  any option.

Hi Steve, vent/fan? That perhaps explains why I have a power point in the wood store next to the fireplace. Ultimately I want something nice to look at that gives some heat that doesn't leave me like a smoked kipper (especially latest health advice) and justifies it's floor space in the corner of fairly small apartment. Out of curiousity in case anyone knows, does a wood burner need a steel lined flue as per,I  believe, UK regs?  Tony 





Must disagree for once with steve.

The whole point about a wood fire in a holiday home is the visual effect as much as its (in)efficiency. 

In ours - it's great to come into our place in Winter, temperature in house just above freezing, put on the central heating and light the fire.  Efficiency isn't of great importance when you only use the fire about 6 weeks or so in the year  and anyway we support the local farmer by buying wood off of him.  100 euros worth does for a year or so.


Alan I suspect my post does not read well for your dispensation, however open fires as nice as they are IMHO have little on a woodburner, which would give much better output (for the same input) AND just as good ambient effect. The little gaseous images produced in a woodburner are superb . Also coming back to a home with a temperature of -4c in the living room a open fire will take x10 to get you warm...