We are about to get the keys for an apartment

03/06/2021 - 03:52

We are about to get the keys for an apartment within a house near L'Aquila, which is a holiday home for ourselves and family. We do not intend to rent this out.  However we will need the services of a property management when we are not there to pay utility bills etc. We also need house insurance.  Any recommendations please?



We set up an italian bank account when we were over getting the keys to our house, a few years ago - the estate agent helped us set it up.

All our Utility Bill's are paid by direct debit, and the bank pays the IMU etc Bill's from the Comune - the Comune sends us the Bill's by email, and we send a scanned/signed copy to the bank   for them to pay.

We top the account up when we are in Italy by cash, but can also top up by bank transfer from my UK bank.  Just get your bank to send regular statements to you in the UK, either by post or email.  You can also set the account to be 'On Line", but we haven't bothered with that.

We use Groupama for house insurance .  They bill us by email, and we pay by bank transfer.

Not sure what you are asking.

Setting up the Direct Debits  is a simple form filling exercise.  So that sorts out gas, water and electricity Bill's.

Don't have internet connection in Italy- just needed an email address for the bank, to send scanned,, signed documents to, from UK.

You can, of course, go the whole hog and get an on-line Italian bank account.  It may be a bit cheaper.