Italy Magazine Wants to Hear Your Best Italy-Related Questions

03/24/2021 - 06:25

Dear community, 

        We want to hear from you.

If you have an Italy-related question you'd like answered by a true expert, let us know here.

Perhaps you would like to know more about a certain Italian village that you've always wanted to visit, or you are intrigued about what it's like to call a certain city home and have a question about creating a new life in Italy. Perhaps you've always wanted to get a local's opinion on a certain local dish or Italian vocabulary-related query. We will be sharing our answer to the best question asked in an upcoming premium newsletter "Buongiorno" that will be produced monthly (stay tuned!). The winner will also win access to the newsletter. 

I look forward to hearing your questions!

Georgette & the team! 

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Thanks for the opportunity.. I am really trying to research and understand the new rules for the Special tax regime for inbound workers and (individual) entrepreneurs (lavoratori impatriati

I am an Italian citizen looking to move my family from Australia to Italy for a minimum of 2 years and be based in one of the northern regions. 

1. I am trying to understand how this new system works and how to approach my employer about it?

2. what other income taxes should i be aware of before negotiating my salary?


thank you!!! I really hope someone can help :-)


Ciao. This is a great initiative and I'm sure it will prove very useful to Italy magazine community. My question is: how come Molise doesn't receive much coverage? It seems like a really interesting region - wine, food, architecture and culture. It has a great coastline with Termini looking like a great resort and it has Campobasso as a jewel of a city. What are your thoughts on Molise, is it an underrated region that should be on people's radars?

Hello everyone! Thanks for offering up this opportunity. I am a long-time Italy-lover who is intrigued by the concept of “Borghi diffusi”. I’ve seen a couple of articles on your website talking about how it helps the local community and promotes sustainable tourism. My wife and I would be interesting in staying in one on a future Italy trip. Can you give a little more clarity on how this works and what options there are? Thank you! 

oh my goodness do I have questions. If it's not too late... I will try to make this as non-overly-specific as possible:


when one is required to obtain health insurance for Italy in order to apply for a carta di soggiorno/permesso di soggiorno... what sort of coverage is the minimum requirement? This is for a US citizen who has not yet obtained Italian citizenship. I have found premiums ranging from under $700 to over $2000. I have reviewed the coverage amounts but what will satisfy the bureaucrat at the questura? Anything at all???