Hello, we have a property between Lucca and Bagna di

02/25/2021 - 08:56

Hello, we have a property between Lucca and Bagna di lucca in a town called Convalle, due to Covid we have not been able to visit and cut back the garden now the commune are demanding we cut it or they will fine us, had a quote from a local geomatra of 1700 pounds its not a big garden, I am looking for a local builder or gardener who could go in and cut it back for us, heeeeeeelp !!




I know the feeling, my little garden had missed two lots of tidying from me so I will have to call the gardener used by by neither. A tree and 12 metres of hedge about 200 euro.

I've only got obvious suggestions. The best is whether you know someone local either a neighbour or a trusted trader who can recommend someone or ask around. The next is to ring the comune to see if they can give you some names. I'm not sure about paginegialle. Certainly 1,700 seems expensive.

Hello Tony, thanks very much for your reply, unfortunately I do not know someone local but I will try and ask the commune if they know of anybody hopefully someone will speak english there if not I have a Italian friend who could talk to them, where are you based and have you had your property long, we have had ours nearly 10 years but have not carried out any work because of work commitments in England I was looking to do some work this year but who know if that will happen, thanks again.


We bought on the coast just south of Livorno where I have family. Love it and missing it. We did consider your area as it is good value and it's charms are underrated, I like Bagni, but senior home management wanted the sea. When we bought our place we kept in touch with the estate agent who has been a source of traders such as a builder and got to know the neighbours and local hardware store who are also good for names as well as just building a network. No different to anywhere really all on recommendation. I am sure I am not going to get there soon so I will have to try my neighbours gardener. 

Hi there,

I have an Italian friend who lives in Carrara who might be able to assist you ( English speaking). Let me know and I will forward to you his details.

Hello Beth, thanks for the reply, that would be fantastic if you could pass on your friends details, I could then call him to see if he could help, good that he speaks english, i did do a couple of years leaning italian at night school, but not having been for a while and not using it, I am not the best to say the least, but many thanks again and I look forward to your reply.


Hi Joe,

Sorry to say the friend I thought maybe able to help is not green-fingered. You could ask at a local garden centre or where they sell agricultural and gardening tools. There are groups on facebook who live in your area who may be able to help - don’t know if it is allowed hear to nominate them. Good luck - buona fortuna

Hi Liz, sorry to hear that, do you know what we would need to put into facebook to find someone don't use facebook too much, thanks for trying to help again.



I tried ringing the ProLoco at Bagni as they are often a good source of local knowledge but they seem closed. Pagine Gialle lists a few in Lucca such as Gierre Garden who also do private garden maintenance. I've no idea who is best. Looks like the Comune is still a decent bet for a name or the Facebook route suggested by Beth. There is quite a British enclave in Lucca with even an occasional journal but I'm sure you know that.


hi Joe,

Sorry I was unable to assist regarding facebook here are some groups in Italy - British and Mother Tongue Expats in Italy - Gardening and Farming in Italy English Group - Accommodation Owners in Italy - Second Home in Italy or as was previously suggested Expats in Lucca believe they also have a journal the groups are a real source of info - hope you have luck and manage to return a presto to Italy. 
Regards Beth

Hi Joe,

Hope you are able to find some help - if not I can have a look for you at names of garden centres or similar I know someone in Lucca  - hotelier who I could ask on your behalf. I don’t live in the area but know the area and love it. 
All the best