Cost of labour.Hi everyone we are currently stuck in

04/05/2021 - 07:09

Cost of labour. 

Hi everyone we are currently stuck in the UK with a long list of works required on our house (ruin) in Italy.

I am interested in getting some local help but would like a rough idea of the cost of labour. 

We are in the Piedmonte region in the rural mountains.. Not Torino.

The work is manual work just clear and digging out etc. 




Are you paying cash  or doing it by receipts and cheques?

(The black economy is alive and kicking in Italy.   Saving of about 20%-40%)

You have a ruin, which means you must have permissions to work, a building concession at least - which means you must have builders and people on site who have a DURC and which are nominated in the concession - Before you make what could be a very costly mistake better find out what you can get away with paying under the table.  Your geometra should be able to help. 

Thanks,  the term ruin is a bit of an exaggeration. 

We have been doing work for years on the property with a Geometra.

I am now looking to pay someone to clear part of the garden and move soil etc. Which I was doing myself but am unable to continue due to lock down.

So just wanted an idea of what it would cost to pay cash in hand due labour. 


I think your problem on deciding what the going rate is,  is that you are not there to haggle the price down.

Is there anyone local that could do some "asking around" for you?

Good luck 

Thanks I have got some local feedback, someone with experience is around 9 euros per hr. Their 20 year old son gets 50 per day there is a teenager who does chores (weeding etc) gets 6 per hour cash.

With the government's new testing required on returning to the UK this summer is looking unlikely so will definitely need help over there.