ciao tuttilooking into applying for citizenship by decent (my mother)...

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10/14/2021 - 16:57

ciao tutti

looking into applying for citizenship by decent (my mother)...can i apply at my local comune?...and with what translated( with apostille)

uk documents...( think its my birth and marrage  certifcates, and my mothers marrage and death certificate, plus her italian birth certificate).Id rather do it in Italy as i think it would be quicker!




documents issued in England must be, first apostilled in England, then brought to Italy and here, translated into Italian and the sworn translation in a court, by a translator, who is registered with that court, in the register of translators, or before to a notary ,

Apostille service in uk -


Ciao Grazia,

Most luckily you have to apply from the local Municipality where you are planning to get your residency.

Depending on few information, I can tell you what document you need to bring. Questions here below:

- In what Country are you Citizen now?

- Are you a naturalized US citizen?

- Do you have a copy of your birth certificate with "annotations"? The annotations will help you to understand how to proceed with your citizenship acquisition. Meaning that we do not have to get confused between the Italian Citizenship re-acquisition (ex. art. 13 Law 1991 of 1992) and the "jus sanguinis" citizenship acquisition.

- When did you move abroad? How old were you?

There are few other questions, and I understand if you do not want to make them public. In this case you can send me a private message or an email at

I will do my best to help!

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insomma luxury law, tu hai aperto un ufficio di consulenza qui da noi , ti manca solo un indirizzo mail  <> .. e sei  a posto :)

Ciao Ugo,

Se posso aiutare lo faccio con piacere, è lo scopo della community dopotutto.

"Qui da noi"? Fai parte dello staff di Italymagazine? In tal caso offro mia ampia disponibilità a creare una mail che può valere quale sportello GRATUITO con finalità di aiutare il prossimo :)

Buon tutto!

Luxury Law ,

non sono nello staff , ma sto qui da qualche anno, e mi sento un po' parte .. , volevo solo dire che , invece di avocare , chi chiede aiuto, al tuo email - dovresti mettere a disposizione , le tuo conoscenze , nelle pagine della comunity ...

I'm not on the staff, but I've been here for a few years, and I feel a little part .., I just wanted to say that, instead of invoking, those who ask for help, to your email - you should make available your knowledge, in the pages community ...


Grazia, I hope your mother didn't marry a foreigner before 1948. If she did she will have lost her citizenship. If that is the case it's still possible to obtain Italian citizenship but the process becomes very protracted.