Hi.We are just arranging our next trip over to

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We are just arranging our next trip over to Northern Italy and looking at the Covid requirements. 

It seems like we need a negative test conducted within 48 hrs before arrival in Italy, and a day 2 test booked in the UK pre arrival back in England.

Am I correct? 




You also need the EU Passenger Locator Form for entry into Italy.

If you are driving down, depending on which countries you travel through, there other requirements . 


We are going via France and Switzerland. 

We have Dutch friends that keep trying to persuade us to go via Monte blanc tunnel. Apparently you can get a multi use pass which is heavily discounted and the French are a bit easier going on traffic enforcement?  Maybe not after this fishing row! 

In theory, if you spend less than 36hrs in Switzerland, you don't need any paperwork, but as the entry form is short and simple it's probably best to take paper copies (separate ones for outward and return journey).

Similarly, if you do my Basle by-pass route, the same applies for Germany.

I'm getting my entry test for Italy in Switzerland, as I do  two hotel stopovers on the way, so can't do a 48hr test in the UK before we set off.

Remember, also, you need the UK Passenger Locator Form  for your return

Things change quickly. At present you need a PCR or antigen test (cheaper) 48 hr before entering Italy as well as the digital locator form. Returning to the UK you need the British form plus (today) a PCR on day 2 but this will very shortly change to a lateral flow (antigen) test on day 2; worth checking precisely when this come in (likely to be before October 22nd) as it will save money. 

Incidentally, you might want to check out the Frejus tunnel as an entry point as it delivers you straight into Northern Italy. We prefer it as it is much less busy, although it is slightly more expensive. 

Have just travelled down to Piemonte from UK by car.  Thought you might like to know how it went.

1.  Arrived at Eurotunnel - hadn't uploaded paperwork, (too old and 8yr old granddaughter was too busy to do it for me).  Told to go to Document Verification desk, to check we had the correct hard copies of the necessary documents.   When there, we were asked if we had our Covid Pass certificates and our signed copies of the Declarstion d'Honour, for entering France.   We said we had, and waved the paperwork.  It wasn't checked at all, but we were given the Boarding Tag for the car.

2.  Entry to France - NO CHECKS

3.  French Hotel- Covid Pass scanned- all OK 

4.  Entry to Germsny - NO CHECKS 

5.  Entry to Swizerland (Basle by-pass route) - NO CHECKS 

6.  Swiss Hotel.  Tried to scan our Covid Passes (3 different versions, including App) - None would register.  Hotel staff said, don't worry, you obviously have been vaccinated", so you can stay.

7   Getting Covid Test for entering Italy  - test went OK- took about an hour.  Swiss pharmacist couldn't understand why anyone double jabbed needs a test to enter Italy.

7.  Entry into Italy - NO CHECKS. (NO staff at border post)

So, in essence, if , whatever state of Covid Status you have or don't have, you've an even chance of getting to Italy with no proper checks  if you drive.

(I did have all paperwork required - of course)

Calais, Metz, Nancy, Mulhouse, into Germany to avoid Basle (Lorrach route), Lucerne  then Gotthard Tunnel.   Then down West side of Lake Maggiore to Gravelona Tocce.  Covid test in Brissago, just before Italian border.


It was soooo good to have now managed to get to Italy,  albeit for only a short break.

Have now completed the return journey to UK.

Again, not a single border check (Switzerland,  Germany or France) on the return. 

All we had to do at Eurotunnel, after our passports were checked by French Border Police, was take our online uk Passenger Locator Form and our (paper) Covid Passes to a desk in the Terminal, where details were put on computer by very accommodating staff.

We were then given our Boarding Pass tag and went through uk Passport Control when called for loading on the train.

All pretty easy - except for tunnel problems, (one track not in use - technical difficulties) so 1 hour delay.  Felt sorry for people travelling to France as the delay on uk side was about 3 or 4 hours - cars were queueing on the A20 to enter the terminal.


Why not upgrade(?) to a photo driving licence?  Don't need an IDP then.

(World be highly surprised if anyone checks your licence, unless you have an "incident")

Governmrnt Website says:-


If you hold a paper driving licence or a driving licence from Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, you may need a 1968 IDP. Check with the Italian Embassy.


Similar comment for France

So check with embassies