Share your Sicily tips and memories

10/27/2021 - 09:22

Hello everyone! We're working on the winter issue of Bellissimo magazine and are will be covering all that is captivating and curious about the region of Sicily. This is extra exciting because several of our team members are from the region so we will have even more insider secrets than usual.

What we want to know from you is if you have any special travel memories and tips you'd like to share? Maybe a bustling market visit in Palermo, dropping by one of the many festivals, discovering the baroque area around Noto, finding a lovely Agriturismo in the center of the island, exploring the food scene in Catania, finding a secret palazzo along the sea or a hike to the summit of Mount Etna?

Comment here with your stories...we can't wait to read them!


Georgette (editor) and the rest of the Italy Magazine team 



Hello Georgette,

I am an American writer living in Sicily. I'm currently based in the countryside of Trapani which I love. Last winter I traveled the whole island in a camper van so I discovered many beautiful places.

Are you accepting any submissions for this issue?

I have several things I would love to write about for you but in particular I am interested in writing about Portopalo which is the southernmost point of Italy. It is where the Ionian and Mediterranean seas meet. Just off the mainland there is the island of Capo Passero, where there is an ancient tonnara. 

If that has already been suggested, I also discovered The Terme di Segesta or the area of Macari, which is a gorgeous beach near San Vito Lo Capo. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jordan McCord

Hello Jordan, thank you for your kind comment. We've actually commissioned all of the articles we need for the issue but welcome any travel advice/memories (like the ones you have suggested) that we can include in a selection of readers' tips! 

Hi, Georgette and team!

My favorite place in Sicily is Palazzolo Acriede, in the Province of Siracusa. This amazing town has some of the most interesting historical sights, restaurants that should have earned several culinary stars and festivals and traditions that rival any well known city in Italy.  Happy to send you specific details if you are interested in visiting.

Thanks for the opportunity to share,