Change to transit restrictions through France.I just came across

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12/30/2021 - 07:51

Change to transit restrictions through France. 
I just came across this note n the Eurotunnel website indicating that transit through France is no longer allowed for U.K. citizens who have Italian residency. Prior to this, transit was allowed for residents.



Apparently the French Foreign Ministry say there is no ban on UK citizens who are resident in the EU from transiting France  but people have been turned back by French Border Staff at Folkestone (Eurotunnel).

Could be miscommunication with Border Staff ....    or just the French having a go at bashing the Brits  as there is an election coming up in 2022

That’s what I thought Alan so very annoying for any trying to reach their homes in Italy at the moment. We are planning to drive back to Italy in February so hopefully it’ll be ok by then. 

France appears to be softening its stance on transit journeys


Am I correct in saying that UK nationals cannot drive through France unless they have a residency permit for another EU country. Ie just owning a EU home is not enough.

And if this is correct would my second route via Holland/Germany be okay?

Yes, that’s the position at the moment although I understand through the grape vine that this may change within the next few weeks. Holland and Germany would be the alternative route as I don’t think they currently impose transit restrictions. We’ve not tried that route. 

Looks like French travel restrictions on UK residents may be lifted this weekend.  (We live in hope!)