TariHi I am just trying to get a sense of

03/25/2022 - 07:01


Hi I am just trying to get a sense of roughly how much the waste tax is in your various areas. 

I think part of the calculation is on the m2 of the property, would this include all outbuildings, the catena etc? 




I am also trying to find this information out. We have been billed on the size of our property in the Marche region (not including outbuildings). It is 78msq and we have just received a 460 Euro bill for waste collection. We are hoping we may be entitled to a discount as non residents.

I don't think our comune gives a discount for being non-resident but I have a significant discount for not having any bins in the near vicinity. I can't remember the distance required before you get the discount, possibly 0.5km?